Revolution Season 2 Review “Mis Dos Padres”

Revolution Season Episode 11 Mis Dos Padres (2)

As strong as Revolution has been this season, there are still moments when the show falls back on bad habits that made it such a frustrating show its first year. This week’s episode, “Mis Dos Padres,” was unfortunately full of these moments, making it a rather disappointing entry overall.

Down Mexico way, Monroe’s efforts to win his son’s affections played out in a fairly by the numbers way. Connor’s anger towards his father was understandable, and it was a bit odd to see him turn to Monroe’s side so quickly. I believe Monroe genuinely wants to connect with Connor, but why is him staying in jail enough to convince the kid? Sure, he says it’s so Connor won’t get punished for screwing up, but it could’ve easily been a ploy to gain his trust. Really, I’m surprised Miles didn’t knock Connor out and take him with them right then and there.

Also, Monroe’s self-destructive loyalty is certainly in character, but it served to remind of the maniacal, Miles-obsessed Monroe from the first season, which wasn’t a good look for him. Another moment that felt very “season one” was the scene where Connor escaped from the guy with the knife to his throat. The cartel leader’s “Adios” seemed like a pretty clear order to the guy to slit Connor’s throat, yet he waited long enough for Connor to bash him in the head. Coupled with the pitiful number of guards they had to take out to escape, the whole situation just felt too easy.

All that said, there were some highlights among this storyline. For one, the different acoustic covers played by the town’s band were a lot of fun, especially getting to see Miles infiltrate the prison with “Black Betty” playing in the background. Plus, the show was nicely self-aware about Monroe’s behavior, having Miles tell Monroe just how much his decisions sucked.

Aaron’s discovery of Pricilla at Grace’s house led to a bit more information on the nanobots, and I’m again going to wait and see where the show is going with things before casting judgment. Pricilla’s reintroduction does make me question the nanobots’ motives, though. If they’re looking for their parents, does that mean they’re trying to get them back together? In turn, does that mean they let Cynthia die to keep her from getting in the way? It would certainly cast this worldwide consciousness in an extremely fickle light, that’s for sure.

The other stories this week fell flat for me just because it felt like a whole lot of wheel-spinning. Charlie and Gene’s story ultimately boiled down to them getting caught, which could’ve been achieved just as easily in last week’s episode. Meanwhile, Tom continues to question whether he can trust Julia, though the bigger question I had was how the Patriots were able to find out Jason was the document thief so quickly without an kind of forensics team. Ultimately, these are arcs that will hopefully be elaborated on next week.

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