Person of Interest Season 3 Review “4C”


Finally the cloud lifted! We’ve had a run of dark, depressing episodes on Person of Interest, and this week we finally got a respite. While trying to flee his former life, Reese lands in the middle of drama in the not-so-friendly skies. A computer nerd, under escort by US Marshals, is the target of a bevy of assassins – all of whom decide to take a shot at him midflight.

When we start out, Reese is trying desperately to catch a flight out of town. He learns quickly that when the machine doesn’t want you to do something, you run out of options, fast. His tickets get canceled, the flights are overbooked, etc. Reese thinks Finch is responsible and doesn’t realize that the machine is acting on its own. The machine manages to corral Reese onto a flight with a “Relevant” – a person who is valuable for national security.

What happens on the flight is simply…! Since the death of Carter, Team Machine has taken one blow after another. It was great to get a break from that. Reese is in rare form and demonstrates his incredible ability to knock people out for long periods of time. He takes out an obnoxious co-passenger, a US Marshal, a Colombian assassin, and an Israeli duo. On the last one, he gets some help from a flirty flight attendant. One thing that I liked about the flight attendant was that she was not in her 20s, and she was pretty in a non-supermodel way. As with Zoey, I appreciate that the show pairs Reese with age-appropriate women and not fresh out of college eye candy.

While Reese is taking care of business, the liquor is flowing. Reese downs some Scotch early on, forces the computer nerd to “thin his blood” with some whiskey, and even has the flight attendant fill a kid’s sippy cup with booze to make him go night-night. The last one was particularly funny, and before anyone gets upset, it was only “one finger.”

Reese eventually reaches out to Finch to find out why the computer guy is so important. This part of the story was a bit of a stretch. The guy had invented a website that allowed people to use bitcoins to pay for drugs. That part has ties in reality, but what seemed tenuous was that the government wanted to silence him because it’d been taking a portion of his profits. I would’ve liked something a little meatier for his alleged threat to national security.

The best moment came at the end when Reese remembered why he works with Finch. He has a unique ability to help people and wallowing in his own misery is no kind of life. When he meets up with Finch, Reese realizes for the first time that he is not the only one mourning Carter’s death. Finch has a hard time hiding his excitement when Reese says he’s willing to return to the job. It’ll be nice to have the team together again and it was definitely good to have a lighter episode.

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