Arrow Season 2 Interview: Colton Haynes Talks Roy’s Future Alter Ego, Relationship with Thea and Oliver & More

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There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Roy Harper’s future alter ego and Colton Haynes, who portrays Roy in The CW’s Arrow, wonders about it as much as we do. But until we get a definitive answer, there are still a lot of things to look forward to this season when it comes to Roy.

Haynes recently took some time to attend the Warner Bros Mondo press tour and talk about Roy’s relationship with Oliver and Thea for the rest of the season, what surprised him the most about joining Arrow and more.

On whether Roy will eventually become Red Arrow, Arsenal, or Speedy

Fans of the comic have been wondering about Roy’s eventual identity since probably the introduction of the character and so has Haynes, but unfortunately he doesn’t know any more than any of us.

He shares, “Well, the conversations with Greg [Berlanti] start off with “Hey, can you give me an update on if I’m going to be Red Arrow, Arsenal, or Speedy?” And he says, “Hey, I’m not going to tell you.” So that’s pretty much how they start.” He added, “I do continue to wear a lot of red hoodies, and you’d think I would become Red Arrow, but I still, I can’t, like I’ve tried bribery. I’ve tried so many things. And they won’t tell me.”

He did tease that we would be finding out a really big big piece of information in episode 12 and that it was going to be “really shocking.”

On the evolution of Roy and Oliver/the Vigilante’s relationship

After Roy and the Vigilante’s interactions in the past few episodes, it’s no surprise to learn that these two are going to have “a lot of negative interactions.”

Haynes noted, “it’s so great that they’ve been able to kind of give Roy and Oliver these quippy, slow, brooding remarks towards each other because it changes the dynamic between Roy and Oliver, obviously, because he’s dating his sister. And it’s also going to be really interesting to find out if Roy ever finds out Oliver and the Arrow are the same person, because it’s going to be so shocking because he doesn’t like Oliver, but he idolizes Arrow. So that’s going to be a really fun thing to see throughout the season. You’ll see a lot more terrible interactions between the two very soon.”

Haynes even teased that Roy “forms a kind of a mini team with a few characters to finally find out who the Arrow is so they can try and start getting getting revenge.”

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On how familiar he was with the comic

Haynes didn’t know too much about comic books growing up, but his brother was a huge fan. Haynes even shared a story about his brother calling him when he found out he had been cast in Arrow.

“I got a call from him, and he was crying, and I thought something was wrong. And he was like, “You didn’t tell me you were playing Roy Harper.” And I was like, “How did you know that? I didn’t even tell you I got a new job.” He was like, “It was on my favorite comic book site.” But he was in tears, crying. And he gets mad when I talk about it, but he was in tears, crying, because it’s now in the comic book world, Roy is almost the Robin to Arrow’s Batman. So I’m now very, very well versed in comic lingo, thanks to Geoff Johns.”

As to which character Roy will eventually become, Haynes’ brother thinks it will be Red Arrow.

On an Arrow musical episode

When asked about an Arrow musical episode, Haynes got very enthusiastic, “we need to start this. We need to start hashtagging this. All of you hashtag on the interview and Twitter #ArrowMusicalEpisode.” He continued, “but I know that no one would want to do that. But I would be down for it. I know Emily Bett Rickards would be down for that. So I don’t know. I think it might as well be a musical episode behind the scenes. So we’ll see.”

On what surprised him the most about being on Arrow

First and foremost, Haynes didn’t thing he would be in the show for more than a few episodes. He also didn’t expect to be able to work with so many different characters.

“I thought it was going to be a lot of my work with Thea, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with pretty much every character in the series so far. And they’ve been great with crossing over a lot of the characters and giving them different relationships and things like that. So that was really unexpected, but also very, very exciting because Roy’s gotten to have a lot of interactions with everyone else.”

Arrow returns with new episodes on Wednesday, Januar 15th, at 8pm on The CW.