The Originals Season 1 Review “The Casket Girls”

On the mid-season premiere of “The Originals,” it was all about the girls- or should I say, “The Casket Girls”? To those of us who watched Rebekah on “The Vampire Diaries,” she doesn’t tend to be much for the ladies- look at all the grief she gave Elena and Caroline in particular. Yet, there was a time when she went out of her way for women, as we saw in a flashback, where she rescued some wayward girls who thought they were about to go and meet some real gentleman types at the Governor’s mansion, only to be set upon by some horn-dog types with ill intent. Unfortunately for them- and there was a lot of them in question- Rebekah was on the scene and wiped out every man in sight, saving the damsels in distress in the process.

That was back in the mid-1700’s, so apparently Rebekah only gets soft on the ladies every century or so, if that! This was one of those times, as she backed Davina up on her full-on rampage, staking her ex Marcel in the process, after Davina handily took out Klaus and Elijah, which was something to see, let me tell you. Not to mention her wholesale taking out of four witches…make that three, as Sabine later was revealed to have survived, and made a butt-saving deal with Marcel. Rebekah eventually dished the dirt on her brothers and Marcel, showing Davina where the bodies were literally buried, aka his underground lair where Thierry was being kept walled up.

In the end, though, it was Thierry who Rebekah recruited to help bring down Marcel, if not her brothers. Jury’s still out on which way she’ll ultimately go on that one, but for now, she’s on Team Davina, or so she says. I’m still a bit on the fence about her claims to girl power, though. Like I said, old habits die hard, and Rebekah may not trust guys as far as she can throw them, but she seems to trust women even less. The only one I believe she truly doesn’t have any ill will against is Hayley, who didn’t ask for any of this craziness. Davina, though…jury’s still out on that one. I think it’s a power play, personally, and she’s just using Davina as a means to an end.

However, Cami, on the other hand, I fully believe has had it with the whole lot of them, as in the Originals, Marcel, and even her uncle, who she now knows helped cover up what really happened to her brother with the witches. She better hope Klaus cares for her enough to do what she asks, or she may not last long, being human and all. No matter how much he cares for her, though, I really don’t think he’s just gonna let things slide with Davina and Josh like she warned him to. (Good thing she didn’t include Tim in that line-up.) I mean, who’s she gonna tell that there are vampires on the loose in New Orleans? Like anyone would believe her….without proof, at least.

Meanwhile, Hayley might be getting in over her head with her dealings with Sophie. Why she chose to trust her, I’ll never understand. Yes, she claims she can find a way to cure Hayley’s werewolf curse, but that may just be sweet nothings to get to her actual goal: finishing the Harvest. And she managed to get Hayley to go behind Elijah’s back at that. He’s not going to be thrilled about that, if he finds out- and he likely will, if this witch Celeste is the bad news she’s being built up to be.

So, a lot of double-dealing going on, and backstabbing, and plenty of action, including a few deaths, although only Tim was somewhat of a regular, to the best of my knowledge. The other witches seemed to be of the “red shirt” variety, if you know what I mean. Clearly, much of this isn’t going to end well, and I suspect there will be at least a few more casualties before the season’s out, albeit it’s unlikely any of them will be the Originals themselves. Although that would certainly be unexpected!

So, what did you think of tonight’s episode of “The Originals”? Do you think Rebekah’s got a hidden agenda all around? How about the temporary alliance amongst Marcel, Klaus and Elijah? How long will that last? Will Davina get her revenge on Klaus, or will that only end badly- for her? How about Cami? Sound off on this and more below and I’ll see you next week!