Teen Wolf Season 3 “More Bad Than Good” Review

Previously on Teen Wolf, Scott, Allison and Stiles were losing their minds, Derek and Peter were chained up in parts unknown and Sheriff Stilinski was trying to solve a few cold cases before being relieved of his duties thanks to an impeachment investigation led by Scott’s dad.

In true Teen Wolf fashion, we got a few answers last night along with a ton of new questions about what is happening in Beacon Hills.

Let’s start with Peter and Derek. I assume that “la loba” is the she-wolf, but who in seven hells is this she-wolf that Derek and Peter’s mysterious captors seek?

Scott, Allison and Stiles are still on a trip to crazy town banana pants, but they did manage to overcome their “performance issues” and makes some progress in the investigation into Malia’s death. Turns out that Malia was a were-coyote who turned and caused the accident that killed her mother and her sister.

The only place in Beacon Hills scarier than the hospital . . .

Welcome to Teen Wolf, Kira! You’ve been introduced to the the Beacon Hills High School locker room – where dreams nightmares come true. Kira’s involvement in the storyline this week felt much more organic. Her awkwardness works a lot, as it reminds me of how awkward Scott used to be when he was trying to figure out the whole Teen Wolf thing and be with Allison. I’m also beginning to enjoy watching Kira’s dad embarrass the crap out of her each week. Poor thing.

Not Forgiven and Not Forgotten

The twins resurfaced this week. Question – why is it that Derek’s homes become secret places for the supernatural to converge? I’m not a fan of the twins and their integration into this week’s episode felt more like an obligatory check-in. I would prefer the writers to shoehorn a character like Danny or Chris Argent into the storyline, instead of Ethan and Aiden.

I really hope that we don’t have to wait too many more episodes without having some acknowledgment of their involvement in the deaths of Erica and Boyd. I get that they were afraid of Duke, but it’s clear that at least one half of the duo hasn’t truly learned anything from being around Scott’s pack. Aiden was way too overzealous in his attempt to “help” Scott. Further, I’m not okay with the idea that Lydia has continued to see Aiden. Granted, she hasn’t had the best taste in men, but I’m having a hard time believing she would give Aiden a pass after all the hurtful things he did to those around her.

Duke – From Demon to Angel?

As badly as I want Derek and Peter to finally connect with Scott’s pack, I did enjoy the shocking revelation that Isaac’s “girl” survived the Demon Wolf’s attack in the locker room during the first half of the season. I was certain she was a goner. Not only is she alive, but she’s now doing contract work for Duke. Her mission? Save Derek.

I hope this means that we’ll get to see Duke again this season. It looks, for now, as though he is staying true to his promise to be one of the good guys. Of course, I want to know how he knew Derek and Peter were in trouble.

Other Observations . . .

Teen Wolf has nailed the art of filming a panic attack and Dylan O’Brien is masterful in these scenes.

– I take issue with the twins using Peter as an example of the worst case scenario for Scott. As we’ve seen in the flashback episode, Peter has always been a little shady and appears to find joy in manipulating his nephew. However, the monster that we saw in season 1 was Kate Argent’s creation. Peter not only witnessed the murder of his family – both shifter and human – at the hands of Kate Argent, he nearly died in the attack himself. I think he’s allowed to go a little crazy and become a bit monstrous in his need to get revenge.

– Is Isaac the new sour wolf? In an episode that was generally entertaining, I have to admit that my favorite moment was Stiles asking a question I raised during 3A – WHY IS ISAAC WEARING A SCARF IN 65-DEGREE WEATHER???? Seriously, Lydia was walking around in poom poom shorts and Isaac has a scarf around his neck. Thank you, Stiles. This is why you’re my favorite.

Gifs created by the good folks over at the Teen Wolf Tumblr, Never Love A Wild Thing.

– I understand that Mr. Tate was grieving and angry, but man was he a pain in the ass at times.

– Will Deaton, Isaac and Lydia be key to helping Scott, Allison and Stiles? They were, after all, the people who “pulled them back” during the near-death experience. We’ve seen Isaac pull Allison out of her Kate visions and Lydia help Stiles compose himself and get her out of the bear trap. Scott may not fit into this theory, as I think his journey is more about learning to both rely on and believe in himself.

– What does Stiles being able to read after his father returned Malia home mean?

– The nemeton, fireflies and mysterious figures – what? Who was the stranger at the nemeton and is there any chance that anything we saw happen at the nemeton could actually be good? Probably not.

– How exactly will Malia’s absence be explained to Mr. Tate and everyone else? A minor point, I know, but I sure would like to know the answer.

– I’m glad Malia is back to human form, but is anyone else wondering how someone that spent eight years as a coyote managed to make such a well-groomed return?

What did you think of this week’s episode, fellow Teen Wolf fans? Sound off below with your thoughts and theories!