Ravenswood Season 1 Review “Home Is Where The Heart Is (Seriously, Check the Floorboards)”

Ravenswood Episode 7 Home is Where the Heart Is (Seriously - Check the Floorboards) (4)

In the latest episode of “Ravenswood,” which features the longest title I think I’ve ever seen, at least since they started naming individual TV shows, “Home Is Where The Heart Is (Seriously, Check the Floorboards),” things finally came to a head of sorts with the situation with Luke and Liv’s mom, and the death of their father, which most in town think was murder. (For the record, my favorite long titles in movies have to be one of the following: “Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” or “The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies.”)

So, the cops finally came and hauled off Rochelle, Rochelle (Laura Allen), and long before she had a chance to visit Milan or Minsk- “Seinfeld” fans will understand, the rest need not reply- mom was home again, home again, thanks to creepy Mr. Collins, who clearly has designs on the fair lady. Too bad the kids do not share a fondness for him. Maybe he should break out the Board shorts- oops, make that Bermuda shorts. (Mixing up my shows, lol.) BTW, good one, Mrs. Grunwald! She even got a laugh out of the typically unflappable Collins. Nicely done.

We also discovered that Mrs. G. was actually the daughter of one of the ghosts on the prowl at Collins manor, namely the one that had been overprotective of her towards Miranda. Hence her wanting to stay close to the house, as mama Beatrice was stuck there for all eternity, or at least until someone breaks the curse. Good luck with that. Beatrice did hook Miranda up with her hair jar, thus giving her another opportunity to escape, or end up in No Man’s Land like before, with the haunted house, which I’m not sure is a better option.

Speaking of houses, Caleb’s dad inherited one from good old Henry, and it looks like he’ll be sticking around to fix it up and possibly sell it- or give it to Caleb, as the case may be. Caleb wasn’t thrilled with the news and flipped out a bit on dear old oft-departed dad, but it didn’t help matters that he took him to task for breaking things off with Hanna. As well he should, IMHO. My name is Mark Trammell, and I do not approve this break-up. Epic fail.

But hey, Caleb got a show out of it, so there’s that. Maybe one day both the “A” madness and the “Ravenswood” shenanigans will be over, and they can get married and settle down in the old renovated house. Actually, maybe they should sell it and get the hell out of Dodge while they can, because I’m not sure if things will ever truly be better in Ravenswood. And speaking of ravens, I hope that one we saw in the house doesn’t mean Caleb’s dad is doomed. That would be pretty harsh, especially for Caleb, who’s barely had a chance to get to know the guy yet.

Other stuff: Knife planted in Liv and Luke’s yard- is it the pact knife? Looks like it. And who planted it there? And how freaky were all those pictures Remy drew in her sleep? How the hell did she do all of that in so short a time, much less pin all those ones downstairs up without waking her dad, who I assume is on alert after Remy’s previous sleepwalking incidents? How did the evil spirit possess that guy in the cell adjacent to Luke’s? Is it possible that the same spirit did the drawings via Remy? Did she bring something back with her after her vision? What the hell is up with this Springer guy, who might have thrown the paint on Liv at the parade? Is Tess in on it as well? How does Collins know about Springer, and what was he involved in? Did Springer’s father kill Liv’s dad? What was her dad supposed to do that he didn’t?

Needless to say, a whole lot of questions, and very few answers, but it does seem like we’re getting somewhere finally. To the best of my knowledge, there’s only three episodes left this season, so plenty of time to shed some light on everything that’s been going on. I do feel like they know where they’re headed with everything, which is a relief, because it was mighty confusing at first. I think more and more shows are going into things with an endgame already planned, since you never know how long a show will last, and that’s a good thing. We fans can only handle so many unresolved shows or tepid series finales.

What did you think of “Ravenswood” this week? Do you like the direction they’re headed in? Do you think you know where all this is headed? Make your predictions below and see you next week!