Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Love ShAck, Baby”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 Love ShAck Baby (2)

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” it was a hot time in the “Love ShAck, Baby” for our girls, to be sure, and not the good kind. (Love that title, BTW- the B-52’s rule!) As the girls plotted out Ali’s journal, conveniently color-coding which entries related directly to them, “A” plotted to get it back, or at least Ezra did, depending on where you fall on the Ezra is definitely “A” spectrum. Actually, if there are more people concerned, it could have just as easily been a member of the “A” team, or Ali out to get the journal.

Note that, while they clearly showed that Ezra was aware the girls were up to something, and went into Hanna’s room to snoop, that very same incident might have put him out of the area of the cabin in time to terrorize the girls, though that’s obviously what they wanted us to think, between the shot of him at a gas station and the conspicuous apple on the desk at the end. Still, why not show him clearly in possession of the journal, if he’s “A”? Because maybe it wasn’t him, that’s why. Maybe another player in the game has the journal, possibly Ali herself.

Although they play with time on the show sometimes, I’m fairly sure Ezra was occupied with Ashley when the girls’ car went down, which means someone else caused it…maybe. I suppose it’s plausible that Ezra hacked into the car on Hanna’s computer, then quickly made his way back downstairs in time not to get caught. Personally, I think he just copied her hard drive to snoop some more later. Besides, was that even Hanna’s car? I don’t think it was. It could be Emily’s though (she was driving, after all), and she was indeed occupied earlier in the show, so someone- likely Ezra- could have slipped her that note to get her out of the way in order to futz with her car. Still, if that’s true, why risk getting caught at Hanna’s?

Whatever the case, someone has the journal, the girls’ notes, and now the Busy Bee Inn location, and it would seem to be “A” all around. All signs may point to Ezra, but I’m still not so sure. How about that recording he was listening to? In it, Ali talked about planning a way to not be herself anymore, to hide out as someone else. There were indications of threats, sure, but couldn’t Ali still be “A” and Ezra is actually trying to help the girls from running afoul of her? I mean, sure Ezra has upped the creep factor considerably as of late, but Ali is truly an awful person. We’re talking about a girl who kept a journal of everyone’s secrets, and what I saw of it was not nice. Would you really find it hard to believe that she couldn’t be “A” herself?

That said, Ezra is known for being a little too fond of younger girls, so maybe Aria wasn’t his first rodeo. Maybe it’s Ali, and she messed with the wrong guy, and realized her threats to expose him were a bad idea and that he might actually kill her. Hey, she was buried alive- someone did that, obviously, and it could well be Ezra. (Unless Grunwald was lying about that whole thing, but I didn’t get the sense that she was…still, she’s kinda shady on “Ravenswood,” so you never know.) All of that said, show developer I. Marlene King has been awfully cagey about the Ezra is “A” thing, and they keep making it a point to show what is clearly “A” doing stuff without showing his/her face, so if we already know it’s Ezra, why bother? BECAUSE IT ISN’T EZRA!

Beyond that, we had some minor developments with Spencer, that I only say are minor because we don’t really know what’s going on yet. Apparently, Toby’s mom’s death really was an accident, and it was covered up to protect a particularly “fragile” patient, which I read to mean: rich. That could easily be Cece, who we also discovered may have been hired to kill Wilden, rather than doing it to cover her own butt. Or, at least a combination of the two. But who? The mystery patient could also be Mona, who seems pretty well off. Still, why would the hospital cover for those two, really? Even if they have money. But someone’s parent, on the other hand, that is completely plausible. And Spencer’s dad sure did seem to want her to back off. Might it have been Ali’s mom? Or possibly even someone we don’t even know was at Radley. Lord knows, a lot of people seem to have been in and out of there over the years.

Other fun bits- Loved the nicknames Ali had for the girls: “Girl Crush” (Emily), “Suzy Clueless” (Aria), “Human Cheat Sheet” (Spencer), and- gasp!- “Cradle Robber” (Hanna). Yep, Hanna was mildly hooking up with none other than Aria’s little brother, Mike. (Go Mike! Who knew he had it in him?) That was so sad that Hanna’s self-esteem was so low that she didn’t think anyone else would want her. Even with a few pounds on her, I can’t imagine anyone thinking she was ugly. Poor girl. BTW, did you catch that reference to one of Ashley Benson’s movies? “This isn’t Spring Break!” I see what you did there, “PLL”. (Runner-up line of the night- a clueless Spencer, telling Aria of Ezra’s cabin: “This place is great! You should bring Jake here.” Um, no.)

Last thing- when Emily said to Aria: “It’s no fun lying to them, is it?” did she mean about the fake meeting with Ali that she went to, or did she mean something else? Lord knows, I had to laugh when Aria declared, in all seriousness: “Nobody’s keeping anything from anyone.” Um, check the name of the show, honey. That’s all these girls do! To think of all the stuff that could have been avoided all around if the girls had just talked to one another- or to someone else. Anyone else! Of course, then we wouldn’t have a show, I guess. Such is the mystery that is “Pretty Little Liars.”

Sound off below on your thoughts on all this, including any wacky theories you might have. I’d love to hear them, including whether or not you think Ezra is really “A” or if they’re pulling another Toby on us. Or what Ali’s really up to? If it really is Ali, that is. Could be her twin, right? Go nuts with your crazy ideas in the comments section, and I’ll see you next time!