Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Review “Seeds”

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 12 Seeds (2)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returned tonight with one of the busiest and best episodes yet in “Seeds”. Half the team makes their way to the SHIELD academy, while the other half investigates the agent that dropped off baby Skye all those years ago, and another villain from the Marvel Universe makes his debut as well! That’s a lot of stuff to jam into 42 minutes!

The new villain is actually introduced in the very first scene, as we meet young Donnie Gill played by Dylan Minnette. As a big fan of LOST and Awake, I was very glad to see the young Mr. Minnette again, and I was especially glad that he seems to be playing a character that will recur in future episodes. He had a great arc all in one episodes, as he goes from the outcast loner to a budding supervillain in just a few scenes. Minnette has always been great at playing the reserved teenager, as he did so well in Awake, and he was definitely playing to his strengths here.

Don’t read this next paragraph if you’re completely averse to any kind of spoilers concerning the Marvel Universe, but…Donnie Gill goes on to become a villain called Blizzard. He’s more closely associated with Iron Man, being introduced in an Iron Man comic and all, but it’s all owned by Disney so I guess it’s fair game! We’ve now had both Graviton and Blizzard introduced on the show, and we’ve still got Centipede and The Clairvoyant at large as well, so Agents of SHIELD is really putting together a formidable group of baddies in their arsenal.

Speaking of The Clairvoyant, Ian Quinn made his return tonight, as we find out that he was the one who was bankrolling all of Donnie’s experiments. At first I just thought he was being brought back in as a bit of stunt casting, as he’s really the only super-rich villain character that we have on this show, but then we got an interesting little nugget at the end where he tells Coulson that The Clairvoyant said to say hello. This could either be taken as confirmation that Quinn is not The Clairvoyant (as some have theorized), or maybe he’s just saying something like that to cover his tracks.

The Coulson and May storyline had the potential to be a lot more powerful than it was, as the two of them separate from the rest of the group to go find out what happened with baby Skye. What they learn was pretty surprising, finding out that Skye herself was actually an 0-8-4 when she was dropped off by Agent Avery, due to her having some kind of superpowers. May and Coulson originally said that they wanted to keep this a secret from Skye for now, but Coulson quickly decided to tell her. I guess the guy isn’t such a big fan of keeping secrets anymore!

This is where everything kind of fell apart for me. This has been one of the biggest ongoing mysteries since the very first episode, but this whole reveal scene felt totally bungled. Coulson’s dialog was cut off by the swelling music so that we couldn’t actually hear him tell Skye everything. I want to hear him tell it to her, and see her reaction as she learns each devastating truth that she’s searched her whole life for. Then I wanted to get her reaction from all of this terrible news, but instead we just have Coulson reiterating what she said to May at the end of the episode. That scene was effective enough, with Skye finding Agent Avery’s name on the wall of valor, but I really wish we could hear those lines from Skye herself. We’ve waited twelve episodes to see how she’ll react to finding out that truth! Why do we have to hear it through someone else?!

Apart from that, I’m glad that Skye at least has some kind of closure now. But now that opens up a whole other can of worms, with what on earth is up with Skye being an 0-8-4?! Does she have some kind of abilities that she’s not telling anyone about? Or does she not even know about them? I’m really hoping they don’t just cop out of this and say “Oh yeah, her special ability is just being really good at hacking computers” or something like that. Hopefully we’ll find out soon! We’re more than half way through this first season, and it looks like we’re finally picking up some steam!

Random Thoughts:

– What was the deal with Skye muttering “Bucky Barnes” under her breath when reading the SHIELD wall of valor? Did she know who that was? Or was that just them making a forced connection to the upcoming Captain America film?

– My favorite background acting of the episode goes to the student who just casually sat in her seat and crossed her legs while a fellow student was frozen stiff.

– Were we supposed to assume that Donnie was just then finding out that he had those ice abilities on the window? Or had he known about them for a while and was just keeping it on the DL?