Lost Girl Season 4 Review “In Memoriam”

Lost Girl - Season 3

I binge watched the first three seasons of Lost Girl last summer, so I haven’t had to wait quite as long as others for the premiere of season 4. Nevertheless, as soon as Bo disappeared into the card with the Wanderer, I was dying to find out where she’d gone. Unfortunately, in this week’s premiere episode nobody seemed interested in finding Bo – because nobody remembered that she existed.

With Bo and their memories gone, time has moved on for Kenzi, Hale, Trick, and Dyson. In Bo’s absence, Kenzi has teamed up with Dyson and Hale to solve cases, and she’s picked up a nasty Fae drug habit. Kenzi has always felt like an outsider as the only one without magical powers, so it is understandable that she’d become addicted to any ability that let her fit in. A new case falls in their laps, courtesy of Bo’s mother, Aife, and plants the seed in everyone’s mind that things aren’t right.

The search is on for the cause of their memory loss. Along the way, we see just how topsy-turvy things have become. Vex has taken over the Morrigan’s spot as leader of the Dark Fae and is dealing with such high level issues as what to wear to the big party. His other order of business is convincing people that the Morrigan is dead. Dyson knows better and blackmails Vex into helping him.

They learn that the way to undo the memory spell is to secure a compass from a half-snake/half-George Takei monster. To do that, Kenzi has to use all of her seductive powers. It was a treat to watch former ballerina Ksenia Solo take to the dance floor to strut her stuff. She dances with Dyson and Hale – at the same time –which should be super weird, but oddly seems to work. I’m kind of going to feel sorry for Kenzi when Bo returns and she’s no longer the center of attention.

George Takei’s appearance was a surprise and completely hysterical. I like the way he has taken on these kinds of quirky projects in recent years. His scene with Kenzi is fantastic. She compliments his poreless skin, which he explains is the result of shedding his skin. In typical Kenzi fashion, rather than be horrified, she notes that it’s not fair.

Before using the compass to return their memories, there’s an awkward moment between Dyson and Kenzi. We’d already seen them make out earlier in the episode – which was uber uncomfortable. Dyson explains how devoted he is to her, but stops short of making any significant declaration of love. For her part, Kenzi acknowledges their closeness, but also recoils from a more serious relationship because something doesn’t feel right. We know that it’s not right because she’s Bo’s best friend and Dyson is the love of Bo’s life. I think it was important to have Kenzi and Dyson back off before they got their memories back. Now, there’s no question on where both of their hearts lie.

One of the most surprising things is that Kenzi seems to miss Lauren and want her back. Maybe with Bo gone, Kenzi doesn’t feel the jealousy she did before, or maybe her subconscious feels a connection to Lauren because they both are missing their memories of Bo. I am not a super huge Lauren fan (and even less of a fan of her horrible wig at the end of the episode), so I’m not as anxious for her return. I kind of liked that she quasi-betrayed everyone at the end of the last season. That would make it easier to give her the boot.

At the end of the episode, there’s still no sign of Bo. But, there’s no doubt our lost girl will be returning soon. It’s unclear, though, whose side she’ll be on.

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