The Many Faces of Revolution’s Sebastian Monroe

Bass Monroe - Revolution

Good television drama requires adversaries to produce the drama. So, while in general we root for the good guys and heroes to win, it is very important to have a bad guy who is highly capable and makes a good opponent for our hero! If the hero and the villain are complicated characters, the drama improves. I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that Revolution’s Sebastian Monroe is a very complicated character.

I am finding myself fascinated by Bass, unable to look away as he leads us all down a primrose path to our most likely demise. He will smile at you one moment and slit your throat the next, then sit down for dinner without blinking an eye. He clearly exudes the bad boy vibe which creates an attractive nuisance. I actually discussed this in the first article I ever wrote for this website: 6 Reasons Why Evil TV Characters Appeal To Good Viewers.

Let’s take a look at Bass and his various personae to see if we can better understand him and what makes him tick.

Maniacal Leader

Miles and Bass - Revolution

Can we all agree that Bass is one fry short of a happy meal? When we first met him, the night of the blackout, he was not the same man he is in the present day of Revolution. How exactly he became the man he is now is not clear, but it is likely that his betrayal by Miles Matheson helped push him over the edge. Keep in mind that the reason Miles turned on him was because Bass went too far in taking revenge for an attack on them both by the rebels.

Both Miles and Bass share what we commonly call crimes against humanity from their time together with the Monroe Militia, but Bass has no regrets, or at times gives them lip service only, while Miles does feel bad and has tried to reform his life. Perhaps it is just a case of “absolute power corrupting absolutely” or maybe Bass always had those tendencies and just kept them in control until he came into power. We may never know!


Bass Monroe - Revolution

Above everything, Bass is a survivor. I swear the man has nine lives! He has survived at least two assassination attempts, managed to be away when the Monroe Republic was nuked, and was almost literally revived from the dead by Rachel Matheson. Yep, we can definitely call him a survivor!

He also has the political skill of being able to change sides indiscriminately as needed. At the drop of a hat he will jump into bed with whoever looks to be able to help him achieve his goals, particularly to survive! He also will not take no for an answer when the person he is trying to team up with rejects his alliance. Truthfully, though, he does come in handy in a fight and is useful for taking care of those undesirable jobs like killing people!


Sebastian and Connor - Revolution

His surprise upon learning he was a father, quickly followed by desperation to find his son, was unexpected. The thought that he could care that strongly about a human being he had never met seemed in stark contrast to his previous behavior. I actually was led down the garden path, thinking that perhaps he was finally reforming!

Well, Bass fooled me once again, and we found out at the end of “The Three Amigos” what I consider to be his real reason for being so anxious to find his son. He wants to join forces with someone he can finally trust to be equally ruthless. Despite Bass’ snide remark when Miles tried to justify hiding his son from him, it appears the acorn did not fall far from the tree.

Empire Builder

Monroe Republic - Revolution

Yep, Bass wants to rebuild, and in fact, expand, the Monroe Republic. And, he wants his son to be part of the rebuilding and help him rule the republic! After Philadelphia was nuked, it seemed that Bass was a broken man, giving up as he lost his power base and loyal followers.

But now, he seems to have regained his vision for his future and is making grandiose plans true to the Sebastian Monroe we know and love! Who else thinks he has a good chance of succeeding? The big question is, will his son Connor join him?


What do you think of Bass Monroe and his multiple facets? Are you fascinated by him, do you hate him, love him, are you confused by his actions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!