Girls Season 3 Review “Females Only” & “Truth or Dare”

Girls Season 3 Premire 2013 Females Only; Truth or Dare

It’s no secret that Girls is an imperfect show about imperfect characters, and for two years it been one of the most determinedly frustrating viewer experiences on the box. Will that change in its third season, which kicked off with dual episodes ‘Females Only’ and ‘Truth or Dare’? It’s too early to tell for sure, but this premiere night was a strong return for a show that’s never really reached its peak. The best thing you can say is that, for a series that’s always seemed rather ramshackle and thrown together, there looks to be a definite arc forming for this third run.

The first episode was rooted in New York, where Adam and Hannah are existing in their version of domestic bliss, Shoshanna is enjoying her new singledom and Marnie is free-falling once again after the departure of Charlie (by fault of the actor’s departure, rather than intended story). As has always been the case, Adam Driver is the best part of any scene he’s in, and now even the show (or more accurately, writer Lena Dunham) has realized this fact. These girls are vapid and ridiculous and, by pushing that element to the extreme and having Adam play the exasperated straight-man, I started enjoying the episodes a lot more.

The biggest change from last year is how together all of the characters are (or will be), with both Hannah and Marnie working at the coffee shop with Ray and Adam and Jessa back in the fold by the end. Bookended with the brief and brutal return of Natalia, we hopefully won’t be ‘treated’ to any more subplots that don’t involve everyone since, while it was worth it to see Adam’s character develop away from Hannah, it’s time we got to know the girls just as well. While Shoshanna and Marnie have so far only shown caricature versions of themselves, there was at least an effort in this two-parter to establish more about Jessa’s inner psyche.

By rejigging a few things and pushing some others to the forefront, the third season of Girls might actually be a stronger outing than the little-loved season two. That’s if they don’t mess it up by putting the characters into situations we don’t care about or allowing Hannah and her friends to become deified for their pretty terrible behavior. Basically, I just want to watch a show about Adam and Ray with the girls in the background but, as that’s not going to happen, I’ll take this new and improved dynamic as a substitute.

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