Castle Season 6 Review “Deep Cover”

Castle Season 6 Episode 12 Deep Cover (4)

On the latest episode of “Castle,” our titular hero had another encounter with his dear old “Deep Cover” dad, Jackson Hunt (James Brolin), this one not as welcome as when he helped rescue daughter Alexis when she was kidnapped. Especially since he was the main suspect in a murder, was living under an assumed name, and insisted that Castle lie to Beckett and everyone else about his real identity. Not too cool, pops.

Fortunately, he was indeed innocent of the crime, though dad was plenty guilty of both playing his son and Beckett like a fiddle later on, then taking out the actual killer, a man known as Gemini. Hunt conveniently forgot to mention he’d been assigned to hit Gemini after he tried to get his hands on a list of all the major deep cover CIA operatives in play for the government, which the initial victim had intended to sell to the highest bidder, aka Gemini.

Mission accomplished, and Hunt off again into the great unknown, yet again leaving his son to fend for himself- and this time, his mother to boot, who saw him for the first, and only time since Castle was conceived. Fortunately, she took the news well, seeing it as a chance to finally resolve a few things. Gotta love Martha (Susan Sullivan), who was in fine form this episode.

This was the kind of episode I suspect fans love the most, as it nailed what was appealing about the show in the first place. Quick, witty banter, laced with wry humor on top of an interestingly complicated case that was more than it seemed at first glance. I loved the lines about Beckett’s “flexibility,” in-joke references to “Weekend at Bernie’s” (of all things), wisecracks about how Ryan’s baby resembled Espo, and Castle and Beckett’s ongoing dialogue about when to get married- not to mention the little glimpses we got of Castle’s parents and what went down between them.

Good stuff, all, and the case was reasonably intriguing, too, even if it snagged the plotline from the last James Bond film, or the no doubt numerous other sources that used the whole master list of spies about to fall into the wrong hands gambit. (I think “Alias” and “Covert Affairs” also had similar plotlines, and maybe “Burn Notice.”) Still, the way the story was told was interesting, and the presence of Castle’s dad made it essential fan viewing. Always nice to get more back story on Castle’s shadowy past.

I also liked that Beckett didn’t get overtly upset that Castle kept things from her, and later joined in and supported his protecting his father’s identity when she didn’t have to. Beckett tends to be by-the-book more often than not, but she’s not above bending the rules when it comes to her loved ones, and Castle is clearly one of them now. This show proved it, or at least solidified it, as it’s not the first time Beckett has covered for Castle in a pinch, or vice versa.

The whole meeting and murder under a roller coaster, and the Iranian coin in the sock used as a signal were both variations of classic spy movie/film noir tropes, and the bit in the library was a modern spin on the old trope of tracking down the guilty party by tracing their phone signal. Basically, the whole thing was retrofitted mystery elements, but then, so is the show on the whole. That’s one of the main things I think fans most like about it, that intersection between murder mystery and cop procedural, with a healthy dose of humor, and this episode had all of that in (Sam) spades. It was a tight, well-written show, and classic “Castle” all the way.

So, what did you think of the latest “Castle”? Happy with the way the show has gotten back on track in many ways? This really felt like a straight-forward, fun episode of the show, perfectly pitched and tone-perfect. Do you agree? I mean, we’ve come a long way from those early episodes in the season, which were tonally off in near-every way. Anything else you’d like to see the show do to get back up to speed? Sound off below in the comment section and see you next time!