Arrow Interview: Stephen Amell Teases The Rest of Season 2, the Finale Payoff, Oliver and Thea, and More


There is no doubt about it, Arrow‘s success is largely due to its charismatic and compelling lead, Stephen Amell. And while he does have quite an incredible supporting cast surrounding him, he brings it all together.

This season has already provided quite a few powerful episodes, and when the show returns on January 15th, we can expect much more excitement.

At a recent press tour, Amell talked about what’s coming up the rest of the season, the big season finale payoff, Oliver and Thea’s relationship, what he likes best about his character and more.

On what’s important for him in the growth of the show

“Just that the world gets bigger,” Amell said. “Some of our best episodes in our second season have been episodes where I wasn’t really the primary focus. Episode 6 was very much David Ramsey’s episode. Episode 8 is Grant Gustin’s episode as Barry Allen. Episode 11 is very much Katie Cassidy’s episode. Episode 13 is very much the Lance family. And I’m talking about episodes that we haven’t gotten to yet. But building the world is important because […] one person cannot carry a show. We have a phenomenal supporting cast, and giving them more to do makes my life way better.”

On the payoff for this season

Amell explained that we would start seeing the endgame for the season in episode 14. He explained, “We don’t say a character’s name unless that character is going to factor in. We don’t hint at something unless we’re going to pay it off. So I know that at the end of episode 14, we end in a spot where we get our first glimpse on where we are going to end after 23 episodes. That’s what I’m most excited about because I want people to see it.”

On what’s coming up for the rest of the season

Amell teased, “What we are building towards in the second season is very much one giant group on one side and one giant group on the other side and just, “Toosh,” like that, coming head‑to‑head. So we are populating our world in the second season for a very specific reason, and I can’t wait to see the results.”

On what’s coming up for Oliver and Thea’s relationship

With Thea most likely finding out the truth about who her father is, her relationship with Oliver will most likely be affected.

Amell remarked, “I think that we would have to expect that sooner or later Thea will discover the truth, that sooner or later Oliver will discover the truth, because we’re not going to have John Barrowman lurking around our world and go an entire season without the two of them having a confrontation again. I would assume. I don’t actually know. But one of the things I do enjoy about the show is we drop these bombshells and then there’s stuff that the audience knows that the characters don’t know. And that’s always a very cool dynamic. So I hope, however it resolves or unspools itself, that it’s a great opportunity for Willa Holland because she’s ready. She’s ready for something like that.”

State v. Queen

On what he likes best about the character of Arrow

“In terms of the comics, he’s always sort of referred to as the most liberal in the DC universe,” Amell explained. “And he was a person that fought for societal change and was always ahead of the curve that way. And he was into politics, for example. We’re starting to see little hints of that in the second season.”

He added, “And Oliver was not really the version of Arrow that people recognized from the comics. But that was on purpose. He is moving more towards that direction, and that’s the fascinating part, you know, as you start to be able to play off the canon of the character. Whether or not that means that I ever get a goatee, who knows? But God knows people ask me every week.”

On Arrow the movie

“We haven’t had any discussion about a movie version of “Arrow” or Arrow joining with the Batman‑Superman movie or a possible Justice League movie,” Amell stated when asked about the possibility of an Arrow movie. “All of our discussions center around finishing our second season, getting a third season.”

He also added, “When we’re making the show, we’re aiming very high with the show. And I have no designs on doing the TV version of Oliver Queen or the movie version of Oliver Queen. I’m trying to do “the” version of Oliver Queen, just like Caity Lotz is trying to do “the” version of Black Canary and Manu Bennett is trying to do “the” version of Deathstroke and Greg Gustin is trying to do “the” version of Barry Allen. Whether or not our world connects with theirs, it’s ‑‑ you know what? The better that the show does, the more momentum that it keeps building, the more that becomes a possibility. But who’s to say?”

Arrow returns with new episodes on Wednesday, January 15th, at 8pm on The CW.