Almost Human Season 1 Review “You Are Here”

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 8 You Are Here (3)

Almost Human returned tonight with “You Are Here”, as a programmer and gamer is mysteriously killed by a rogue bullet, and we finally get a little more information on John’s girlfriend and The Syndicate!

The actual case of the week revolved around a successful programmer named Anton Cross being killed by a bullet that seemed to get at him from an almost impossible angle. At first Kennex thought he might have had some crazy, JFK assassination kind of magic bullet situation on his hands, but then they found out that the bullet was actually following him! They then find out that the bullet can actually follow anyone, so Anton’s girlfriend Kiera Larson was next on the hit list.

The case had some interesting moments, and the shootout at the end was pretty cool when Dorian pulled a Terminator and took a bunch of bullets for John, but overall it all felt a little played out for me. We’re only at episode eight, but it already feels like we’re getting the same story beats again. We’ve already had a few episodes about John and Dorian protecting a girl from people trying to kill her, with “Blood Brothers” being the most recent example. We also found out that Anton was (Shocker!) NOT actually a bad guy, but that he was being forced into selling trade secrets! We just had an episode with people being forced to do terrible things last week in “Simon Says”! I realize that there are no more untold stories out there, but a show definitely shouldn’t feel repetitive after only eight episodes. The futuristic setting and robot partner provide the opportunity for a lot of new ground, so it’s a bummer to already be revisiting the same stuff.

The much more interesting stuff came when The Syndicate was finally brought up again. After being mostly silent about John’s girlfriend, the topic was actually broached by Kennex’s anger management group leader of all people. I was afraid that this would be all that we got on this front, but we actually got even more when Captain Maldonado offered a deal to a Syndicate head honcho for information. We didn’t actually get anything else on this front, but I’m glad we at least had it mentioned! We’re getting somewhere, folks!

There were a few other minor storylines as well, including John blowing the electronic brains out of Detective Paul’s MX. This is the second MX that we’ve seen John brutally kill, so I think it’s a little bogus that Maldonado is such a pushover about it. She just yells at him for a couple seconds, but then he cracks a joke and flashes a smile and she seems to totally forget what she was yelling about. These are probably very expensive pieces of equipment that he’s just killing with reckless abandon! I get that these kills are being played for laughs, but Paulie really put it into perspective when he asked John how he’d feel if he shot Dorian in the head. We’re supposed to be seeing the humanity in these robots, like when Dorian wanted to be with the sexbot that was being put down in episode two, so when John just kills one like it’s no big deal it should be like a slap in the face to Dorian! But he’s barely batting an eye!

The other sorta-kinda storyline involved Stahl and Kennex exchanging gifts. It’s a mandate on network TV that the attractive female lead and attractive male lead get together eventually, so I really just hope that they get it out of the way sooner rather than later.

Kevin Reilly, the boss of the FOX network, was asked how he felt about the future of this show today at the Television Critics Association press tour, and he said “Really good”. He cited the DVR success as an encouraging strength, and said that the ratings haven’t been that bad considering that the episodes have been airing out of order and being interrupted by holidays and sporting events. I’m really hoping this show sticks around. It may not be incredible every week, but there’s enough morsels here to keep me hooked.

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Random Thoughts:

– Detective Paul’s relationship with his MX is turning out to one of my favorite relationships on the show. I was cracking up in last week’s episode when Paul thought his MX was so inferior to Dorian, and I chuckled today when Paul gave him a reassuring nod when he theorized that the bullet ricocheted.

– This show has been accused of ripping off Minority Report before, but tonight’s introduction of advertisements that are coded to your DNA was a huge ripoff of that film.

– I’ve noticed this in previous episodes of this show, but there is a LOT of ADR work on Almost Human. It seems like every other line is said off screen and then dubbed in later.