Revenge Season 3 Review “Endurance”

Well, that didn’t last very long, did it? After establishing Emily’s amnesia in last week’s episode, “Endurance” opened up with Emily’s memory entirely restored. Though this transition was a bit jarring, it certainly set the tone for an episode of Revenge dedicated to shifting storylines and new character motivations.

Of course, with Emily’s memories back, the question before her was whether or not she would continue in her quest for vengeance. While the answer was obvious if the show was going to keep going, it was a necessary dilemma for Emily to go through. This is the closest she’s come to dying for her cause, and this wasn’t the first time a master plan of hers has failed. Granted, this isn’t the first time she’s gone through this crisis of identity, but it worked again here. Equally effective was the motivation for her to continue fighting the good fight; the Graysons have now taken her future as well as her past.

The least effective part of this storyline was the recently-introduced Nico, who I’m already sick of. Her admonishing Emily felt extremely petty, if only because she has no idea how much torment she’s already been through. As if that weren’t enough, she’s an ex-lover of Aiden and the daughter of Takeda, who Aiden killed last season. She’s simply an unneeded complication in the tangled web of Revenge romances. On a positive note, this was the first episode where I actually believed Aiden’s love for Emily was genuine, so points for that.

I was also ready to harp on the Nolan-Patrick-Victoria dynamic for dragging on too long, but this week put an end to it with a definitive smack to the skull. It’s good to see Patrick firmly in Victoria’s court, as it felt like this was the inevitable outcome. It was also nice to see Nolan was smart enough to not fall for Patrick’s deceptions once again. Hopefully this means he’s done letting his heart win out over his brain.

This episode ended with Emily once again manipulating things in her favor, as it should be. Now, though, the entire Grayson family is against her, which should mean for bigger, more direct conflicts moving forward. It was a jarring episode, but it’s put Revenge into an interesting new configuration.

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