Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 12 “O kela me keia manawa” – Welcome Home, Cuz

O kela me keia manawa (Now and Then)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “O kela me keia manawa” (Hawaiian for “Now and Then”), Steve and Grover team up to help catch a friend of Grover’s with a criminal past, Danny finds a case of his own and Kono returns home.

Okay, so before anyone thinks that I dislike Grover after I say a couple of things that were on my mind after I watched this episode, let me just make sure this is clear: I really do like Grover.

I had to throw that out there first because what I’m going to say next might sound harsh without knowing that piece of info first. Am I crazy or does it seem like Grover gets the better cases with Steve? Whenever Steve and Danny end up in the field together, we go straight to a scenario where Danny is whiny and scared of his own shadow, while Steve is the big hero. But when Grover and Steve are together, they’re both major badasses. What gives?

Now I understand that Danny will never be Steve. It took me about three seasons to get over the fact that they were never going to be equals when it came to that sort of thing, but with Grover around I sometimes feel like he’s taking Danny’s spot. I just can’t help but to picture Danny playing the Grover role in the Steve/Grover adventures and I think how awesome that would be.

Anyway, moving on, I’ll get off of my Danny soapbox now and move on to talking about the episode. I did enjoy Steve and Grover working together to go after Grover’s old friend. I too am no incredibly curious to find out what sent Grover running to Hawaii and I can’t wait until that little tidbit is revealed.

As for Danny, he did have a pretty awesome story in this one. I liked the little flirtation at the gas station, but rather than just having it be about him picking up a girl, he also picked himself up a case. It’s definitely an interesting way to meet a new girlfriend, you gotta give him that.

Finally, how can I not talk about the final moment of the episode and how wonderful that was. After a long road, Kono and Adam finally returned home to their family. It was incredibly sweet and I am glad to see her back. I do wonder what will happen with Catherine now, but I hope this means we’re going to get to see Kono and Catherine as partners. I think that would be fantastic.

My favorite bits:

Actually making a squeaking noise when Kono found Adam. Their reunion was so sweet. 

“I can come in and say a couple of hellos.”
“Do you have to?”

Steve calling the last number from the victim’s phone and getting Grover. Oops. 

Literally laughing out loud at Danny and Steve having a cargument…. while in two different cars. 

Grover telling Danny to put on his big-boy pants because raising a daughter was only going to get worse. 

Danny asking Steve to put Grover back on the phone, just so he could hang up on him. I KNEW he was going to do that. Haha!

Well, duh, of course Danny was going to follow the pretty woman. At least he was driving his own car. It would’ve been so embarrassing if Steve had to drive him. 

Looks like Grover went to the same school of suspect questioning that Steve did. 

“It’s called being humble. Maybe you should try it sometime.”

Danny talking to himself in the car and explaining why he wasn’t crazy. 

Danny’s new friend wrecking her car after getting shot in the neck? Whoa. I’m betting that was more than he was bargaining for when he started following her. 

I’m all for Danny doing a case all on his own, but I did cringe when he had his hands all over the evidence in the car with no gloves. Or maybe I’m just watching too many of these kinds of shows. 

Steve and the kids. Too cute. 

Seriously Danny, stop touching stuff with no gloves! (Sorry, I can’t stop seeing it now)

“Boy I wish I was half as good as you think you are.”

Steve’s “competent enough” comment to Grover. Ouch. And also, hahaha!

“Torture really isn’t my style.” – Wait. What? How is he still on the Five-0 team? I would think Steve would fire people for that. 

Finding it interesting that it was Steve fighting to be on Jack’s side, and not Grover. 

Steve asking what drove Grover out of Chicago. I was very sad to find out they weren’t “there” yet. 

The look on Danny’s face when he realized it was a kid who shot the woman in the car. Oh man, that sucks. 

Grover taking off the cuffs off so Jack could say goodbye to his wife and kids. 

Grover bringing Jack in to meet the husband of the woman he killed so he could apologize and maybe, just maybe, give the poor guy some closure. Wow. Another powerful scene. This show seems to specialize in them. 

Danny admitting that maybe it was her smile that made him turn around. 

Steve noticing the smile on Danny’s face when he mentioned Amber. Aw. 

Danny showing a touch, just a touch, of jealousy at seeing Grover hanging around so much.

“Oh so he’s like you, but he can cook?”

Kono and Adam showing up at the party. Aw. 

“Welcome home, cuz.”

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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