Grimm Season 3 Review “Eyes of the Beholder”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 10 Eyes of the Beholder (1)

I’m throwing up a warning flag. Grimm has been on an upward trend this year, but it’s coming close to veering off the tracks. This week had some good moments, but it largely highlighted where things are starting to go wrong.

Grimm Season 3 Episode 10 Eyes of the Beholder (5)

Nick who?

The last time I checked, the show is named Grimm because it follows the story of a Grimm. Yet, in recent weeks, Nick has slipped further and further into the background. He’s supposed to be the Grimm – he’s supposed to be kicking ass, taking Wesen names, and running the show. Instead, he takes orders from Renard and runs to Monroe with every question. Post-Zombie Nick is bland and seems to just go with the flow.

This week, Juliette kicked some Wesen butt, Hank stepped in to protect his former physical therapist and her brother, and Monroe and Rosalee bonded over her juvenile delinquent past. What did Nick do? Hm. Well, he did the stuff he typically does now – pointed out that someone was a Wesen and then arrested a couple bad guys.

Come on, this show is supposed to be centered on Nick and what he can do that nobody else can. Now that Hank and Juliette are in on the Wesen secret, Nick doesn’t have anything particularly special going on. Where are his zombie powers? How does he fit into the bigger mythology?

Grimm Season 3 Episode 10 Eyes of the Beholder (7)

Who isn’t a Wesen?

The lack of focus on the Grimm mythology is turning this into a creature of the week deal. Which is not in and of itself terrible, it’s just not as interesting. It also leads to some problems when you’re in the middle of season 3 and starting to run out of Wesen ideas. Now we’re at the point where everyone is turning out to be Wesen. Juliette learns her college roommate is a Wesen. Hank discovers that his former physical therapist is a Wesen. At this point, I’m starting to wonder who isn’t.

They need to take this out of the individual, Wesen story approach. So instead of each week having one person who turns out to be Wesen with a problem, how about having a larger group of Wesen with some larger agenda. This would be kind of like what we inconsistently get with the royal family.

Who’s afraid of the big, bad something or other?

This really suggests a bigger problem – the lack of a big bad. I’ll draw the analogy to Buffy, since my readers know I love Buffy and because Grimm’s David Greenwalt worked on that show. In Buffy, there were tons of little demons along the way through the season, but there was one, clearly defined “Big Bad” that would pop up occasionally and set the scene for a climactic battle at the end of the season. It doesn’t feel like we have that. Maybe the royal family and Adalind’s baby will bring us to some major event. If that’s the plan, they should tie Nick into that. So far, Renard is the only one with any real connection.

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Who’re these new and improved ladies?

Juliette continued her transformation from wallflower to full-fledged Scoobie member by taking out Alicia’s husband with a frying pan to head. Considering how much I complained last year about Juliette’s persistent whining, I’m going to embrace this new version – no matter how incredulous it is.

Rosalee also disclosed her tough past of doing drugs to Monroe, Nick and Hank. I know she has bangs now, but I don’t think that’s enough to turn her into “it’s a hard knock life” Rosalee. I prefer our sweet Rosalee from when she first joined the show. I don’t want her to turn into a tough, tormented version.

It’s time for Grimm to self-evaluate before they head too far in the wrong direction.

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