Bones Season 9 Review “The Ghost in the Killer” – Brennan’s Nightmare Comes True

Bones Season 9 Episode 12 The Ghost in the Killer (4)

In this episode of Bones, called “The Ghost in the Killer,” Booth and Brennan literally have a case delivered to their door that seems to connect to the mysterious serial killer Pelant told Brennan about.

Now that Pelant is dead and Booth and Brennan are happily married, it’s time to give everyone a new challenge. Pelant told Brennan that there was another serial killer out there and the funny thing is that I completely believed him at the time. But in this episode, I couldn’t help but to find myself on the side of Cam and everyone else when it looked like Brennan was trying to find evidence that simply wasn’t there. It was so unlike her and yet, if anyone else had been using their instincts like that, I would have believed them right away,

Therein lied the rub. Brennan is not known for using her instincts. Booth may do it and I could see plenty of the other team members doing it, but definitely not Brennan. It makes me wonder if everything that happened with Pelant has changed her on a deep level and that has allowed her to tap into instincts she didn’t realize (or want to realize) she had. I was glad that, by the end of the episode, she had Booth (and me) back on her side. It would be awful if she couldn’t even depend on her husband to believe her and personally, I think this could be a good thing for her. Brennan is a brilliant scientist, we all know that, but what will happen now that she’s also allowing her gut to have a vote? I’m betting it makes her even more brilliant than she already is.

As for the rest of the episode, I really enjoyed Hodgins getting the chance to have a part in the case and I especially liked watching him and Sweets work together. They are a good match, though I somehow doubt we’ll see too much of them in the field in the future. But I did love it while it lasted. I also thought it was great how the story allowed Hodgins to address his money issues and to realize once and for all that he truly doesn’t need it as long as he has his family.

My favorite bits:

That whole opening scene was pretty frightening. Especially the multiple Pelants. Freaky!

A big package on the doorstep. Yep, I think we all knew that that would turn out to be. 

“Please find out what really happened to me.” – Signed, The Body. Talk about a message from beyond the grave. 

“Aren’t you even the the least bit freaked out that these remains were sent to your house?”
“I’m the best forensic anthropologist. Wouldn’t you want me investigating your remains?” – Well, she does have a point.

Poor Booth practically losing it in his office. I’m so happy Sweets can talk him down when he needs it. 

“It’s an amazing achievement, until you consider that it doesn’t actually achieve anything.”

Booth telling Brennan she was so obsessed she couldn’t even shut it down when she was asleep. 

“Don’t let Pelant call the shots. Don’t keep him alive.”

Cam walking in on Edison taking a shower.

“Can I get a towel? I’m chilly.”
“I can see.”  – It’s kind of wrong how hard that made me laugh. 

Finding out that Hodgins used to race boats.

The entire “Muffy” and “Binky” conversation. I got a little disoriented during that myself. 

“I’m gonna start calling you Popeye.” – And now I’m picturing Hodgins with a pipe.

Cam and Booth agreeing that they both wanted to believe Brennan.

“As long as a person has enough, they don’t need more, and I have enough.” – Aw.

Booth suggesting Sweets and Hodgins go talk to Trent. Yay! I know it’s for a terrible cause, but all I can think is: Field trip!

Cam putting Edison in charge of Brennan’s “Ghost Killer” remains. Oh boy. 

“It’s not about belief, it’s about evidence. You taught me that.”

Hodgins talking about Trent’s reaction to seeing him getting affection from his parents. So sad. 

Poor Hodgins wondering if going to see Trent made him shoot himself. Oh, man. 

Edison breaking down when he was talking to Brennan about his girlfriend. 

Brennan and Edison sharing a moment of understanding.

Brennan asking Edison to call her “Temperance.” I had a feeling he wouldn’t want to do it, but it was so nice of her to offer.

Booth telling Brennan that if she didn’t trust the evidence, he didn’t either. 

“You know me better than I know myself.”

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!
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