Dracula Season 1 Review “Come to Die”

Dracula (NBC) Episode 8 Come to Die (10)

Well, things are certainly coming to a head on “Dracula,” and on “Come to Die,” we finally got some solid action through and through, including some unexpected twists that were overall pretty satisfying. Dracula could barely contain himself through the episode, and when he finally went, he went big, despite Renfield’s best efforts.

Though, that said, afterwards he wisely let the big fish go to someone else, and therein lied the surprise. Playing him like a fiddle, Dracula positioned Harker against Davenport, and he took the bait, ultimately killing him. Of course, Dracula wasn’t wrong to, as Davenport was indeed responsible for the attack against Mina.

As if that weren’t enough, Harker also went rogue on Mina and hooked up with Lucy, who professed her “love” to him, as per Lady Jayne’s instructions, and he fell for it. Well, to be fair, what he fell for was more akin to lust, but who can blame him there?

Besides, despite her best efforts Mina couldn’t convince him she was on Team Harker. He mistook Dracula’s love for her as mutual, when in fact, she had distanced herself from him, unbeknownst to Harker. Not sure she’s going to be too forgiving about the Lucy situation, either. Much less Harker hauling off and killing a guy.

Despite everything essentially working out in the end for him, Dracula had one of those days, nonetheless. First, Jayne dumped him, then his beloved Mina went off on him, and meanwhile, his minions are blabbing about him all over town. Whether he likes it or not, things are about to intensify, and with Browning’s kids missing, all hell is about to break loose, even though I’m fairly sure it was actually Van Helsing that took them.

Still, when you impale a bunch of thugs sent by one of the Order’s own on their doorstep, things were bound to get nasty anyway, so both Dracula and Van Helsing are pretty culpable. At this point, I don’t think they care, anyway. I think they’re both ready to get this party started in earnest, especially after last week’s public sabotage on Dracula’s demonstration stopped the project dead in its tracks. A war between Team Dracula and the Order is inevitable at this point, and from the looks of the preview, Harker’s going to finally commit to the latter.

In addition to the arm-ripping, throat-slashing, neck-cracking antics of Dracula, we also got some sweet hunter-on-vamp action from Jayne, who decapitated one and made others swallow holy water, though another evaded her wrath by taking their own life in spectacularly brutal fashion. When this show goes, it goes big, violence-wise, which is a nice reward for the more patient viewers out there.

Early on, “Dracula” was all pomp and circumstance and bordering on costume drama of the dry, British sort. Almost like a Merchant-Ivory production or what I imagine “Downton Abbey” to be, though I’ve never seen it. (For the longest time, I thought it was actually called “Downtown Abbey,” LOL.)

But as time has gone on, it’s gotten sexier and livelier, with lots of bodice-ripping to go along with the throat slashing. Sure, it’s occasionally gone too big- i.e. the near rave-like sequence at a party with the modern soundtrack, which came off like a less-successful version of something out of Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”- but all the plotting early on has paid off as things are coming to the end of the season, awarding those who hung in there through the slow spots.

It will be interesting to see where all the chips fall over the last two episodes. Will it be Dracula or Van Helsing that takes down Browning? Will Mina go for Dracula when she finds out what Harker did with Lucy? Will Lucy come clean to either one about her underlying motives? Will Dracula and Van Helsing take down the Order or vice versa? Who will be left standing when the dust settles? Sound off on your predictions below and I’ll see you for the final two episodes of “Dracula”!