American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 Review “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”

American Horror Story Season Episode 10 The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks (1)

Well, those who thought they’d tune in to “American Horror Story: Coven” for perhaps the first time in order to catch “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks,” and who were expecting an enchanted gypsy-land of witches and fairies or what have you were certainly in for a rude awakening on this episode. Those of us who worried that they might tone things down in the presence of such a superstar need not have, because even by this show’s standards this was pretty out there stuff.

We started with multiple implied baby sacrifices, with yet another on the chopping block to go next, and ended with the intentional drowning of a young woman with Down Syndrome who was perhaps the last truly likable character on the show, save Cordelia, maybe. If the hope was to recruit new viewers, it was a big fail, I’m guessing, but fans of the show wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the show we signed up for, and as ever, it’s not the good that triumphs over evil, it’s the good that gets trampled as evil stomps all over them on their way to their next dirty deed.

So, let us bid a fond adieu- for now, at least- to Nan and Misty. Hey, at least they went out on a high. Nan avenged the death of her beloved Luke by forcing his murderous mom to drink bleach- yet another death to add to the list- and, of course, Misty met her longtime idol Stevie Nicks before being entombed alive in a New Orleans cemetery. Nan’s with Papa Legba, so she might just get some revenge on the two witches that killed her, Fiona and Laveau (who even he declared were trouble working together), yet. And Misty might be the Supreme, so Madison might want to watch her back if Misty does manage to get herself loose from that crypt- and you just know she will.

So, let’s talk Stevie, shall we? The sexy songstress did not disappoint, popping in to make Misty faint dead away before serenading her on piano with (but of course) “Rhiannon” then teaching her the proper way to twirl and giving her the shawl off her back for good measure. I’m pretty sure Misty could die happy after that, but leave it to Madison to take that literally.

Madison damn near sweet-talked her into giving up that very same shawl (great “Dreams” reference, BTW), before unceremoniously clocking her in the head with a brick and into a casket and taking it away anyway, as she twirled away while Misty was being interred by some graveyard workers. Poor Misty. But at least in the end, she stood by Stevie. It was just a little too late. Oh well.

Stevie returned to later serenade Fiona, an old friend it seems, who tried to get the “white witch” to go to the dark side, to no avail. As if. We learned that Fiona’s fave was “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything About You?” Naturally, it would be a song that’s all about the “her.” That’s so Fiona. It was certainly lovely to hear Stevie a cappella with only acoustic piano accompaniment, not to mention the…well, delight, of seeing her teach Misty her moves. If you were a Stevie fan, much less a Misty fan, those scenes were undeniably a treat.

That said, as aforementioned, “American Horror Story” didn’t exactly temper down things for any newbies that were just coming aboard for the night. I can only think what those only watching for Nicks must have thought about what else was going on in the show out of context. Two cops shooting one another while Tina Turner takes a baby, a crazy Frances smacking around her daughter and offering to do worse in exchange for immortality, a mentally disabled teen girl forcing Patti LuPone to drink bleach- another mother who, in turn, killed her own son for good measure- and almost getting Julia Roberts’ niece to put a smoldering ciggie in her coochie, who subsequently compared herself to Christ and raised the dead; and, last but not least, babies being sacrificed to a coke-snorting voodoo demon (played by “Lost” and “Wire” vet Lance Reddick). To us fans, just another Wednesday night on “American Horror Story: Coven.” To the rest…what the what is going on here? (Cue Myrtle’s rocking Theremin solos.)

What did you think of the show? Happy with Nicks’ work on the episode? Sad to see Nan and Misty go…maybe? (I can’t imagine anyone will mourn the loss of Joan, save maybe Broadway fans.) Who will be the new Supreme? Who will be the last one standing in the war between the witches and the witch hunters? Or the war between the witches themselves? Just who is Eminem’s- excuse me, Marshall’s- type? These are just few of the many questions we “AHS” fans ask ourselves week-to-week. Sound off below with your answers, and I’ll see you next week for more madness and magical delights!