Revolution Season 2 Review “The Three Amigos”

Revolution Season Episode 10 Three Amigos (1)

After a bombastic midseason finale, Revolution returned with a relatively simple episode, one dedicated to giving the characters new goals following the death of Horne and his men. Overall, “The Three Amigos” was successful in its goal, while also providing a couple of interesting new developments in the overall story.

Right off the bat, I love that the show wasn’t afraid to split the characters up again. One of the biggest problems Revolution had in its first season was that it always had to have all of the main characters sharing the screen in the same storyline. That can certainly work, but with so much of the post-Blackout world still a mystery, it’s nice to have several groups all exploring different regions. Here, we got to see Miles take Monroe south of the border in order to find his long-lost son Connor, and things went in a rather surprising direction.

The discovery that Connor was in league with a group of Mexican bandits was a nice reveal, particularly because it puts Monroe in a submissive position. Though he’s been more helpful this year, there’s no denying that Monroe is a chaotic force; if he is going to form any kind of bond with his son, it should be after he’s endured a bit of suffering. With Monroe walking himself back into danger by the end of the episode, it’ll be interesting to see how the two interact next week.

Aaron taking off on his own was another pleasant development, as the character has grown to a point where you believe he can take care of himself. There wasn’t much to his story this week, but I’ll be interested to see what Grace’s return to the story brings. Really, I’m just surprised to be as invested in the nanotech storyline as I am now; having it relegated to a B-story and putting a human face on the nanobots certainly helps.

The other stories this week were straightforward, but didn’t offer anything too exciting. At the White House, the Neville clan began the next stage of their plan to take power, though Tom remains suspicious of his wife’s true motives. Meanwhile, Charlie and Gene’s attack on a Patriot caravan offered a momentary flash of excitement, but was nothing we haven’t seen before at this point.

One major gripe I had with this episode was that I never figured out just how much time had passed. It obviously took place over several days, but between the speedy recovery of Miles’ arm and Aaron’s quick and uneventful trip to Oklahoma, I was left wondering what the time frame of this episode was. That minor quibble aside, though, Revolution returned with a solid episode to start off the New Year.

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