Justified Season 5 Review “A Murder of Crowes”

Justified Season 5 Episode 1 A Murder Of Crowes (3)

I am so happy that Justified is back. People who haven’t watched the show may not know how funny and well written it is. You don’t need to watch all the previous seasons, though I would recommend them just because they’re great, to jump on board now. All you need to know is: (1) Boyd is a wily former soldier turned wannabe drug kingpin, and he is bad; (2) Raylan is a Deputy US Marshal and childhood friend of Boyd, and he is good with occasional lapses into amorality. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump into the season 5 premiere.

Last season, Dewey Crowe lost his last couple of marbles when he thought that he was a victim of an organ theft and he got roughed up by Raylan. He gets satisfaction at the beginning of the episode after taking Raylan to court. The government offers him $20,000, his attorney refuses, so the government counters with more money. Dewey hears “$300” and indignantly declares that this will not be enough to compensate him for his suffering. Then the judge clarifies that it’s $300,000 and Dewey’s expression is priceless.

What’s even more awesome is what Dewey chooses to do with his money. He buys the bar/brothel from Boyd and gets himself a Doughboy pool. It’s like he’s creating the WT Garden of Eden. Unfortunately for Dewey, Raylan is assigned to a new case that has a connection to the Crowes, which means another shakedown for information. Raylan’s visit gives us some of the funnier moments of the episode – like when he strolls in and Wade nervously asks him, “Can I get you a blowjob or something?” and he gives the deadpan response, “Just water.” It also cracked me up when Raylan pulls the gun from Dewey’s robe, Dewey tries to deny it’s his and Raylan points out it has his name carved into the handle. His response: “It’s a common name.” No, not so much. I also loved Raylan shooting the pool and Dewey crying out for someone to get a bucket. Normally, I love the Raylan/Boyd scenes the best, but these exchanges with Dewey are coming in a close second.

Raylan ends up taking a trip further south to catch up with the Florida Crowes. Dewey is right when he tells him, “Florida Crowes are bad news.” They’re smarter than Dewey and likely to become a major thorn in Raylan’s side. When their business in Florida comes to an abrupt end after the murder of a Coast Guard officer and subsequent investigation, their de facto leader, Darryl, makes the decision to head for Kentucky. I’m curious to see if Boyd will find this emigration a threat to his own enterprises or merely an irritation.

While Raylan’s on assignment, Boyd is dealing with his own issues. Ava is still in prison and about to be charged with the murder, his drug distribution deal with Detroit is unraveling, and his hair is out of control. Boyd is cranky and has a low threshold for other people’s drama. His Detroit connection implodes, and he learns that getting Ava out of prison won’t be as easy as he thought. Boyd is dishing out some hardcore beatings and is having no problems putting bullets in people’s heads. This makes Boyd’s statement to Paxton all the more ironic, “Normally, I’m not a violent man.” Riiight.

One of my favorite moments is the discussion with the Canadians about Tim Horton’s. It reminded me of the arguments I’ve had with my Quebecer friend that eating a sandwich and then a donut at Tim Horton’s is just plain wrong. Donuts are for breakfast – not for dessert. I also liked that we finally see Raylan’s baby – and it’s a girl! It’s messed up that he doesn’t go to see her while he’s in Florida. It’s not out of character for Raylan, but it still sucks. It would be nice to see him open up emotionally.

While this was a fun episode that kick started the season, it had an interesting twist when Boyd was asked if he would sacrifice himself to get Ava out of prison. He didn’t rush to volunteer for that, which makes me think that Boyd may become even darker this season.

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