‘The Red Road’ Series Premiere Date Announced by Sundance Channel [+ Trailer]

The Red Road

The six-episode dramatic thriller The Red Road will debut on the Sundance Channel on February 27. The series will center around local sheriff (Martin Henderson from ‘Off the Map’) as he struggles to keep his family together while simultaneously policing two clashing communities: the small town where he grew up just outside of New York City, and the neighboring mountains, which is the home of a federally unrecognized Native American tribe. After a tragedy and cover-up, an uneasy alliance is forged between the officer and a dangerous member of the tribe (Jason Momoa from ‘Game of Thrones’), and the lives of both unravel, leading to terrible consequences. The cast also includes Julianne Nicholson (‘Boardwalk Empire’), Lisa Bonet (‘The Cosby Show’) and Tom Sizemore (‘Saving Private Ryan’).

The series comes from writer Aaron Guzikowski and producer Sarah Condon, both of whom serve as executive produce with Bridget Carpenter, who is also an executive producer and showrunner.

‘The Red Road’ will debut on February 27 at 9/8c on the Sundance Channel; and if you want to have a sneak peek at the new original scripted series, check out the following clip: