Teen Wolf Season 3 “Anchors” Review

Welcome back, Teen Wolf fans. We’ve got a new episode and new-ish opening credits. We might need more than an anchor to get through the last half of this season if last night’s mid-season premiere was any indication of what awaits us. I was pretty much spent by the time we got through Stiles paralytic dream. I’ve had one of those and they are THE worst!

The Kids Are Not Alright

As Dr. Deaton previously cautioned, the resurrection in order to save the parents maneuver had major consequences for Allison, Stiles and Scott.

Was anyone else hoping for just a second that Lydia waking up with Stiles was not one of his dreams within a dream? Sorry Stydia ‘shippers, it doesn’t look like the couple is official, but it was nice to see Sheriff Stilinski there to comfort Stiles when he woke up from his creepy nemeton dream within a dream within a dream. It’s tough watching the normally upbeat Stiles so troubled.

While Stiles grappled with dreams within dreams and strange letters, Scott continued to adjust to his new status as a True Alpha. Thanks to the nemeton, Scott is back to his early days as a Teen Wolf when he could not control his shifting. I kinda wanted him to shift in front of his dad and scare the crap out of him; however, I don’t think Papa McCall is going to be so accepting of his son’s shape shifting.

Should we be more worried for Allison or those around her? The nemeton seems to have resurrected crazy ass Kate, which can’t be good for anyone. If Allison nearly put an arrow in Lydia’s head I can’t imagine what she might do to Isaac or Scott.

The nemeton-induced insanity should prove interesting and will give great material for Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey. Admittedly, I’m a little less intrigued by Scott’s “fear of becoming Peter Hale” dilemma. After all, Scott rose to his true Alpha status because he’s such a great person and always shows compassion for others. I’d like to see Scott’s character get more depth this season. I also hope that Scott will find a new “anchor.” Speaking of Scott and Allison . . .

Losing Allison as an anchor provides another complication to the budding romance between Allison and Isaac. I applaud the writers for having Scott and Isaac openly discuss the issue, rather than making viewers watch them tip toe around it for a few episodes.

I’m also relieved that everyone is openly communicating about their issues.

Shut the Front Door

We were introduced to Kira, whose father is a new teacher at Beacon Hills high. Teen Wolf 101 says that Kira’s dad will be pulled into some supernatural shenanigans and will likely find himself in a few precarious situations inside the school or he just might be the bad guy. Time will tell.

Although the awkward introduction of Kira by her father was a nice moment of levity, the character felt a bit shoehorned into the storyline. Wasn’t it just a little too convenient that Kira happened to overhear Scott’s pack discussing their dilemma and that she just happened to have some useful information? On the one hand, I get that her eavesdropping and butting in was an awkward way of trying to meet people at her new school. Did anyone find it just a little strange that Kira so cheerfully discussed the various stages of Bardo and with a smile, shared that the final stage was death? I’m hopeful that as we learn more about her character, the acting choices during that scene will make more sense. I understand that Scott’s pack is under a lot of stress, but shouldn’t someone have been just a bit suspicious of the new teacher and student at Beacon Hills? Scott’s pack knows the nemeton will draw supernatural forces to Beacon Hills – you’d think someone would have raised that point last night.

In true Obi-Wan fashion, Deaton is able to shed light on Stiles, Allison and Scott’s troubled mental states. They need to shut the door that was opened when they performed the ritual to save their parents. Unfortunately, Deaton does not appear to have any suggestions about how the trio should go about accomplishing this task.

Cold Cases

I know that the writers needed to incorporate Papa McCall into the season and set up tension between he and the Sheriff, but why on Earth would a FBI agent be charged with conducting an impeachment review of a local sheriff? Surely, a federal agent has better things to do and wouldn’t someone at the county or state level be more appropriate? Okay, okay – I know I need to let that go. I’m happy for more Sheriff Stilinski, but I had to ask the question.

In season 2, Sheriff Stilinski was fired thanks to Jackson and his well-connected father. If, as Papa McCall suggests, Sheriff Stilinski has too many open cases and not enough closed ones, why not just fire him again?

And while I’m at it, why hasn’t car wreckage from an accident that happened EIGHT years ago been cleaned up?

Those questions aside, Scott and Stiles stumbled upon a pretty shocking revelation as they looked at the wreckage in an effort to help out the Sheriff. It looks like Malia, who was presumed dead after her body was never found, might not be dead after all. Of course, we might learn next week that the vision of the blue-eyed wolf was all in Scott’s head.

Missing in Action

No twins, no Danny this week. I’m sure we’ll see them soon.

In the closing moments of the episode, viewers briefly checked-in with Derek and Peter. Surprise, surprise! The two were in quite a precarious situation and I can’t believe we have to wait a week to find out how Derek and Peter even ended up together and how they were captured. When we last saw Derek, he was hitting the road for some quality time with Cora. I’m with Derek – you just know this situation is Peter’s fault.

Thankfully, the good folks over at the Teen Wolf tumblr created this lovely gif to hold us over until next Moon Day.

Check out other gifs from last night’s episode over at the Teen Wolf tumblr, which you can access by clicking here. There’s been talk of a new family of hunters in town, perhaps that’s who captured Peter and Derek. I love that Scott reached out to Derek, as I hope these two will develop a closer relationship during the second half of this season.

What did you think of the Teen Wolf mid-season premiere? Sound off below!