Castle Season 6 Review “Under Fire”

Castle Season 6 Episode 11 Under Fire (7)

On the inaugural episode of “Castle” of the year, it was a hot time in the old town for Ryan and Esposito, in the aptly-titled “Under Fire.” The story revolved around a serial arsonist, known only as “The Phantom,” due to the fact that he (or she, as the case might have been) had been proving elusive to the authorities for some time. Was it Mob-related? An inside job involving a fireman?

Nope, it was the building inspector, as it turned out, and though I was leaning in the direction of the conspicuous fire inspector (Wendy Davis, “Army Wives”), I always note when random people make appearances in a show like this, so that would have been my second guess.

Really, though, it wasn’t about that. It was actually about two converging plotlines: the impending birth of Ryan’s baby with wife Jenny (Juliana Dever, actor Seamus Dever’s real-life wife, BTW); and Ryan and Esposito getting trapped in a burning building while the gang was stuck helplessly outside, with firemen unable to get anywhere near them.

On a certain level, you have to think, are they really going to take out two of their main supporting cast? But, on the other hand, just by virtue of both of them being in trouble, it seemed an absolute possibility that at least one might bite it. Besides, they’ve been taking out people left and right on many of the shows I watch, so it wasn’t that far out of the realm of possibility. That said, as iffy as this season started out, they probably didn’t want to risk the wrath of the fans if they did something like that, and just as the show was starting to get back on track again to boot.

So, thankfully, Ryan was out in time to greet his newborn baby girl, Sarah Grace, and Esposito managed to emerge relatively unscathed as well. I suppose Ryan should be grateful that he didn’t have to name his baby Javier, which would have been something for, as Espo himself pointed out: “a white, Irish Catholic kid.” LOL.

I loved that an old-school telephone essentially saved the day- yay, old technology! I also liked the will-they-or-won’t-they intensity of wondering whether or not they might actually take someone out. After all, they have done it before, with the former Captain, so it wasn’t completely out of the realm of possibility, if still a hair unlikely. Given the grumbling reception that most of the “new” cast received earlier this season, maybe they should have taken a few of them out instead, while they still could!

Indeed, most everyone has been in harm’s way this season at this point, starting with Castle himself. I guess Beckett’s due, but I suspect they’ll leave that for the “3XK” psycho later on this season. Regardless, it really did make for a more dramatic episode than we’ve seen in a while, so I suppose the plotline was a win on the whole. It might have been somewhat predictable, but it was well done overall.

What did you think of the latest “Castle”? Glad they didn’t kill off one of the series regulars? Or would it have made for a better episode? What about the way they handled Jenny’s birth? Was it a bit on the melodramatic side for your taste? Or are you happy with the way the show handled it all? Sound off on this and more down below in the comments section, and I’ll see you next week!