Showtime Offers Up ‘Shameless’ Season 4, ‘Episodes’ Season 3 and ‘House of Lies’ Season 3 Premieres Online [Video]

Are you trying to decide whether or not to subscribe to Showtime in time for their winter series? Then check out the premium channel’s special sample platter featuring the full-length premieres of Shameless season four, Episodes season three and House of Lies season three on YouTube (or you can check out all three episodes embedded below).

This year on Shameless, the Gallaghers try to attain normalcy, but that goal won’t last long as one by one the family falls back into old patterns. Over on Episodes, the fictionalized Matt LeBlanc continues to drive his career into the ground and finally, on House of Lies, Marty is starting his own firm.

Shameless season premieres Sunday, January 12 at 9/8c followed by the season three premieres of Episodes and House of Lies beginning at 10/9c on Showtime.