Revenge Season 3 Review “Homecoming”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 11 Homecoming (9)

After a rather short winter break, Revenge return to the group of spiteful socialites we’ve come to love over the years and things are as convoluted as ever in the Hamptons. With “Homecoming,” the show took things in a slightly clichéd direction, but the show remains as entertaining as ever.

In my review of the midseason finale, I noted that the show would need to do some major work if it wanted to keep the structure of the show from changing now that Victoria and Daniel both know Emily is out to get them. However, I overlooked an obvious stalling tactic that would give the writers a small reprieve. Yes, amnesia, a tried-and-true method of storytelling in primetime soaps, and a method Revenge has messed around with before. Now, though, it’s the major focus, as Emily wakes in a hospital bed with no recollection of who she is.

I’ll admit that as soon as it became obvious what was going on, I was ready to go for the full Jean-Luc Picard facepalm; amnesia is a device that’s been used so many times on TV that to see it here is downright exhausting. However, as the episode went on, I could at least see the potential for interesting storytelling. Emily’s spent years building up an intricate web of lies, and nobody knows its intricacies better than she does. As her confession to Charlotte shows, she’s become her own worst enemy. As she begins to recover her memory, what she remembers when could end up costing her more than any of Victoria’s machinations over the years.

The amnesia also provided a chance for Emily’s co-conspirators to take center stage. Aiden, Jack and Nolan all had major parts to play this week. Nolan’s subplot was easily my favorite, as he turned Victoria against Patrick and managed to bug the hospital in one fell swoop. Beyond that, though, it was once again obvious that Nolan was putting Emily’s plan ahead of his own desires. Nolan remains my favorite characters because of his unshaking loyalty and dedication to his friends.

So at least for now, Revenge is in its amnesia arc, but at least there’s the promise of enjoyable storytelling. If nothing else, Victoria is in a position of power over Emily that she’s never really been in before, which should be fun to see.

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