Almost Human Season 1 Review “Simon Says”

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 7 Simon Says (4)

Almost Human aired it’s first episode of 2014 with tonight’s “Simon Says”, as we get to find out what Dorian is like when he’s not in tip-top shape. We also had a somewhat derivative storyline about a dude forcing people to do stuff for the approval of crazy internet commenters, but that wasn’t quite as interesting to me as the Dorian stuff.

One of my biggest complaints about Dorian as a character in the first few episodes is that he’s a little too perfect. He can do just about everything, survive injuries that would kill a normal man, and he has a cool and collected demeanor at all times. So it was very refreshing, and quite funny at times, to see Dorian so out of sync. We’ve seen a few glimpses of Dorian’s “humanity” in past episodes, but we certainly haven’t seen anything like what we saw tonight.

While I definitely enjoyed seeing him mixing up his words and showing a few imperfections, my favorite parts by far were his outbursts at Detective Paul (Or “Paulie”, as he so affectionately called him). I do hope that Paul gets a little more fleshed out as the series progresses, as his grumpy demeanor is getting old pretty quick. I do like that he’s starting to have somewhat of an inferiority complex concerning his MX, though. He used to be so down on Dorian, but now he’s seeing that he has his advantages!

Detective Paul isn’t the only member of the LAPD that’s underdeveloped, though. Stahl and Maldonado are still criminally underused, with the majority of their scenes consisting of looking concerned at monitors. I know that Minka Kelly and Lili Taylor are great actresses, so I hope we get to see more from them soon.

The actual case of the week was something that I’ve seen before on just about every other TV show. The whole “Regular person being forced to do things or else they get killed” is a schtick we’ve seen many times, just as recently as “Eye Spy” on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. It’s entertaining enough, but nothing really happened tonight that surprised me. They didn’t really do anything fresh with the formula. You knew that Dorian wasn’t going to get blown up with Jeanne, and you knew that Kennex wasn’t going to get blown up at the end, so it was all a bit by the numbers.

I did like that the internet commenters started to turn on Simon, though. It shows how fickle people can be on the web, and how quickly they can turn on you if they don’t like what you’re doing. With that in mind, I’ll turn it over to you guys to leave your comments below! What did you think of the episode?

Random Thoughts:

– I was pretty excited to see Alessandro Juliani show up as Ramon, being a huge fan of his arc on Battlestar Galactica. I was bummed that his character was not long for this world.

– Is 48% really that low of a charge level that you need to have a big red warning sign?

– Did anybody else feel like the number of viewers of this villain’s online feed was really low? He tells Kennex that “The world is watching”, but he only had around 300 viewers at the time. Not exactly the whole world, dude…