The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Under Pressure”

Under Pressure

So Sebastian’s big move on The Carrie Diaries lasted about half an hour and now he’s back in Carrie’s world and, oddly, living in Larissa’s old loft while she goes and gives the whole marriage thing a try. Was this the right way to go after the epic-ness of the Carrie/Sebastian romance in the weeks leading up to Christmas? It wouldn’t have been the way I’d have chosen, but it’s still nice to have the two of them together again. Does this mean that Sebastian is done with school and readying the NYC setting for Carrie once she also moves on? I really hope so, because ‘Under Pressure’ really highlighted how tired the Castlebury stuff is getting.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved how much Donna we got to see here, but they could replace her with Samantha (as I assume the eventual plan is) anytime and we wouldn’t know the difference. Mouse and Dorrit, too, have perfectly fine Sex and the City equivalents that would move the show along and prevent it from stalling just as season two was starting to get somewhere. There will be some people who care deeply about which high schooler Dorrit ends up with – the nice guy or the bad boy – but it’s these kinds of clichéd high school storylines that have put the show into a box that not enough people are interesting in opening.

For those who are, however, it’s really great to have Carrie actually maintain her relationship beyond the heightened circumstances they had to deal with in previous weeks. It’s also refreshing to see that intimacy has become kind of a non-issue, because the whole ‘Carrie is an innocent’ shtick last season was really tedious. Even Mouse loosened up when she decided to throw herself into the teen party debauchery instead of dwelling on Harvard and her own recently failed relationship with West. I love the bond between her and Donna, and hope it continues.

This was a definite filler episode, and one the sadly diminished some of the excitement I felt for the show before the mini-hiatus, but hopefully Maggie’s return next week will help spice things up a little. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.