Grimm Season 3 Review “Red Menace”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 9 Red Menace (4)

After a short break, Grimm returned this week with an old world/new world mash-up. A Russian family arrived in Portland ostensibly to help heal the sick, but the Grimm gang quickly learned that where the Wesen giveth, it can also taketh away.

The Wesen of the week was Boris Myshkin, a Koschie Wesen, who had the power to kill and heal. Myshkin was targeted by a family with a grudge and ended up killing a would-be assassin. Of course, the death wasn’t slow and painless, because what would be the fun in that? In true Grimm fashion, the victim succumbed to horrendous radiation poisoning that caused his body to erupt into disgusting pustules and boils. The worst part – before becoming a lumpy, bumpy mess, the guy was able to pull his own teeth out. I don’t know why, but I’d rather watch limbs be severed than someone pulling out their teeth.

Nick and Hank didn’t have to tackle this one alone as Renard returned from his European jaunt. Renard stepped in to help them discover the link between a dead waiter, the dying man, and the sinister past of the Koschie. I enjoy it when Renard is part of the team. He gives scenes a certain gravitas. It’s also intriguing that even though Nick is the Grimm and the main protagonist, in his scenes with Renard, it still feels like Renard is the boss. He actually is the boss at the police station, but his demeanor creates an air of authority even outside of the office. It was an added bonus that we got to watch Renard question witnesses in Russian – which was undeniably sexy.

There were several light moments that brought forward the unique Grimm humor that’s been improving this season. I liked when Hank, Monroe, and Nick were in the trailer and Hank suggested that they bring Renard there. The reaction of Monroe and Nick was great when they both gave a resounding, “I don’t think so.” I also loved the scene of Wu, Hank and Nick walking the hall in their radiation scrubs with the Ghostbusters-esque soundtrack.

As to the week’s side stories, Renard made contact with Adalind before coming home and warned her that she’s going to have to pick a side soon. I wouldn’t count on Adalind siding with Renard – especially since she hates Nick and knows that Renard is his ally. Juliette’s side story was a set up possibly for next week. She takes in a friend who’s being abused by her husband. We see that the husband is actually a Wesen, so there will undoubtedly be a show down between him and Nick in a future episode. I’m wondering if this will somehow link up with Nick’s guilt at having killed a human when he was in his zombie state. I can envision that the angry husband will push Nick too far and he’ll have to make a big decision on how to respond.

There were a couple of little things that distracted me in this episode. The first was the scene with Juliette finishing up surgery on a cat in her vet practice. Juliette is wearing scrubs and a mask, yet the cat’s owner stands right next to her while the procedure is being performed. This made no sense. I have taken many an animal to the vet and never been allowed to hang out next to my pet while it’s getting surgery. It was equally dumb when her friend came strolling in to have a conversation next to the unconscious animal. This was just ill conceived. How about having Juliette emerge from an operating room, take off her gloves and talk to the owner about the cat and then have her friend approach? For me, I can accept the fantastical notion of killer monsters, but when you take a mundane detail and mess it up, it’s like a mental speed bump that kicks me out of the story.

The second distraction was the scene in the hospital. If the guys all had to be decontaminated after coming into contact with the boil-man, how is it that the man’s hospital room is not quarantined and Renard can stroll in with no concern for the radiation?

I still feel like there’s a bit of awkwardness in the makeup of team Grimm. We’re not seeing as much of Monroe, but we’re seeing more of Hank. We’re not seeing as much of Rosalee, but more of Juliette. It does not feel like the writers have found the balance for how they want all of these characters to interact. It’s a big team, so getting face time for everyone is difficult. We’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out.

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