Dracula Season 1 Review “Servant to Two Masters”

Dracula (NBC) Episode 7 Servant To Two Masters 09

On the latest episode of “Dracula,” and the first of the New Year, Dracula finally perfected his geomagnetic electricity machinery and was ready to present it to the public in a bells-and-whistles laden demonstration that was heavily advertised and much anticipated by the general populace.

However, in the cryptically-titled “Servant to Two Masters,” Dracula’s latest unveiling was easier declared than done, as the Order sought to thwart him at every turn, from having his beloved Dresden Triptych stolen right out from under the formidable Renfield’s very nose after paying a pretty penny to get it back at an auction, to seeking to recruit Harker behind his back in hopes of getting him to betray Dracula.

In the end, though, it was the local Scotland Yard Inspector that paid the ultimate price for getting in Dracula’s way, as the episode concluded with him ending up on the south end of Dracula’s attempt to stay blood-free for an extended period of time. Not that it was entirely undeserved, as the Inspector sent a lot of children to the hospital in the process, among others, and all at the Order’s behest.

While I can certainly understand a group wanting to wipe out vampires, clearly the Order is a bit more nefarious than that, being as how they’ve killed, lied, manipulated and schemed their way into power at any and all costs thus far. Granted, Dracula’s not much better, but I’m beginning to wonder if the Order really isn’t the worse of two evils. Lest we forget, the Order is also responsible for the death of Van Helsing’s family as well, so they have done their fair share of nasty deeds.

They never did quite reveal whether or not Harker joined the Order, but if he didn’t, he made himself a powerful enemy. I suppose it depends on how much he resents Dracula for manipulating him with the Shaw business. Well, that and how much he suspects about Dracula’s actual feelings for Mina. From the looks of next week’s preview, if he doesn’t have an inkling now, he will soon enough.

What’s more, the Order- or at least Davenport- now knows Dracula’s Achilles’ heel, Mina, the answer to the question: who does Dracula love? I don’t imagine that will lead to anything good. The question is, will Davenport seek revenge himself or will he take it to the Order to use against Dracula as a group? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week for the answer to that question as well.

We also discovered that Lady Jayne was married, which, if revealed before, somehow escaped me. Interestingly, her husband, though ill, is cheating on her as well, and is seeking to divorce her, which Jayne is none too happy about. Dracula suggests she take it to her lover, the nurse attending to him, which should be interesting. Meanwhile, Jayne is manipulating Lucy to scuttle the relationship between Mina and Harker.

I’m not entirely sure why as, if she succeeded that would only free up Mina to be with Dracula, which I’d think would be the last thing she wants. I suppose Jayne can’t see the forest for the trees and just wants to hurt Mina by any means necessary, in her jealousy over Dracula’s feelings for Mina. (Nice little scene between Jayne and Lucy, by the way. Was anyone else reminded of “Cruel Intentions”?)

Beyond that, my eyes glazed over a bit with the whole business about the Order and the Ottomans and the oil; and the scenes with Mina and her patients at the hospital was a bit much- I kept waiting for one of her patients to fly off the handle and go postal on someone, but it never happened. Granted, the dance between Dracula and Mina was suitably steamy and intense, and it will be interesting to see what her father does with what he saw transpire between them, but on the whole this stuff was somewhat unnecessary and just added clutter to the real story at hand.

I did like the confrontation at the end between Dracula and Van Helsing, once he realized that being able to walk in the sun was a mixed blessing since he still craved blood and wad therefore, still very much hamstringed by his curse, much to his chagrin. The reveal that Dracula’s wife was depicted in the mysterious Triptych was also satisfying, if brief, since we still don’t know what Davenport plans to do with the information.

All in all, a good, not great episode that served to stall more than anything else, given that we’re in the home stretch in terms of the first season being over. Only three more episodes to go, and the preview for the next one implies that Grayson’s real identity as Dracula will be revealed next week, so things are clearly headed to a stormy conclusion. Just what that is exactly has yet to be revealed, but I’m looking forward to it, even if this proves to be a one season, one-trick pony for “Dracula” as a show.

What did you think of “Dracula” this week? Satisfied with the direction the show’s headed in? Who do you think is worse: Dracula or the Order? Will Dracula end up killing Van Helsing? Will Harker take the bait with Lucy? Will Mina and Dracula hook up? Will Davenport have his revenge or get himself killed? Sound off on this and anything else you like down below in the comments section, and I’ll see you next week!