‘Veronica Mars’ Is Back To Business in Theatrical Trailer

“I wouldn’t be here if I thought you did,” Veronica tells a framed for murder Logan in the theatrical trailer for Veronica Mars the movie.

The fan-funded project looks awfully sleek in the first full-length trailer which should have LoVe (that’s Logan and Veronica shippers, for the uninitiated) fans partying like it’s 2005. Between Veronica’s unflagging belief in her one-true-ex and here late-night request for him to stay, things aren’t looking good for Team Piz. That’s okay though because in addition to the Logan and Veronica goodness, there is the added boost of awesome that comes from seeing Veronica shedding her high profile lawyer persona and slipping back into her old snarky, sleuthing ways. Check out the trailer below. Does the movie look like it will live up to the hype?

Veronica Mars hits theaters March 14th.