Parenthood Season 5 “Promises” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 11 Promises (6)

Happy New Year, Parenthood fans! The Braverman family is back!

It might be a new year, but some of our favorite characters are plagued by the same ol’ drama. Communication, or lack thereof, continues to create problems for the Bravermans. To the episode highlights!

– When Hank and Sarah broke up so that he could move closer to his daughter, I was a little relieved because the pairing wasn’t among my favorites on the show. Imagine my confusion when it was announced that Ray Romano was returning for the fifth season of Parenthood. Much to my delight, Hank’s return has had very little to do with Sarah and has been all about his growing friendship wish Max. This is one of the few situations where troubled communications might end up benefiting a character. Hank found himself in over his head and pretty winded after witnessing Max’s Asperger’s-related response to Hank changing their plans unexpectedly. I was glad to see that Adam gave Hank a book to help him respond to Max, instead of demanding that the two stop spending time together.

Interestingly, the book might have taught Hank more about himself than Max. As he learned more about Asperger’s, Hank realized that he’s shown signs of the syndrome. The book provided Hank with helpful insight about the challenges he’s faced in his relationship with his ex-wife and daughter. The Max/Hank friendship continues to be full of pleasant surprises.

– Moving on to the topic of unpleasant surprises . . .
As a viewer, I don’t think Sarah is clearly communicating with me. Just when I think I’ve figured her out, the character does something unexpected and not always in a good way. I’ve come to expect that like Drew, but for entirely different reasons, Sarah is unlucky in the love department. She’s got a big heart and a lot of baggage. It is painful to watch that baggage cause her to make questionable decisions relating to men who seem to sincerely care for her. However, these are all traits that I’ve learned to accept about the character. Last night, we saw a different side of Sarah. Her initial hesitation to open up to Carl was completely expected. What was not expected, however, was how her opinion changed when she learned he was an accomplished doctor who did important charitable work across the world. Is it the money? Is it because she now thinks he might actually be a good guy because of his life’s work? What’s going on here, Sarah?

– Zeek also struggled to communicate to his wife how much he loved and missed her. I’m still holding out hope that the writers will not take us through another separation of this couple and that Zeek will find the words or grand gesture that will allow him to tell Camille how he feels. In the meantime, I’m glad that he’s found a friend.

– One couple I’m rapidly losing hope for is Julia and Joel. I’m not sure if Joel’s timeout will be helpful, as he isn’t really the one with the issues. Adam and Crosby working together to help Julia was a nice moment of levity. I don’t know where this couple goes from here. There is one thing I’m certain about, if this couple splits, I hope it won’t result in less screen time for Joel. Sorry, I love Parenthood for the excellent writing and acting, but a girl can enjoy a little eye candy too – right?

– It’s not that I don’t like Drew, I simply have no interest in his love life. I was hoping we’d never see Amy again, but I’m glad that she gave Drew some much needed closure and a well-deserved apology.

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