Elementary Season 2 Review “The Diabolical Kind”

She’s back! Yep, “Elementary” kicked off the New Year with the return of Holmes’ most notorious foe, Moriarty (Natalie Dormer, “Game of Thrones”). When a high-profile British National is shot and killed and his daughter kidnapped and held for ransom, the FBI seeks help from Moriarty, much to Holmes’ chagrin. Meanwhile, Holmes himself tries to aid the police department in figuring out why the girl was kidnapped in the first place- not to mention why Moriarty should be involved, as Holmes suspects it may be a gambit to either escape or communicate with her minions somehow.

As it turned out, it was a little of both. While Moriarty ultimately didn’t try and communicate with her people the way Holmes thought she would, she did slip in a hidden message in the sketches she provided to the police in regards to who she thought was responsible for the kidnapping. This led to the death of two police officers, who were killed to get a hold of said information, as the sketches were only given to the police. However, rather than trying to pull a fast one, it was actually a Hail Mary on Moriarty’s end, as the girl kidnapped was, in fact…wait for it- her own daughter.

So, it was Moriarty who was the intended victim, not the family whose daughter was kidnapped, as the girl in question was adopted. The kidnappers signaled Moriarty via the newspaper they knew she read in the classified section, and she took matters into her own hands, offering to aid the police. In the end, she actually escaped and hunted down the kidnappers, freeing her daughter and killing everyone involved in the process. That was admittedly pretty bad ass when Holmes arrived and found her sitting, bleeding to death in front of literally a pile of bodies that she’d taken out in her rampage. This is clearly not a woman anyone needs to mess with.

Interestingly, though, Moriarty isn’t without a certain sense of honor. In addition to rescuing her daughter and making sure she went to a safe place in her wake, she surrendered to police afterward, and didn’t kill any of the cops in her escape. She simply sought to foil her foes, not add to her crimes, and it was, after all, in the name of saving her little girl. That said, by her own admission, she’s basically a sociopath- and is well aware that Holmes is, too.

I liked her observation that Holmes had learned to function in proper society by “learning to care through how your actions seemed through the eyes of another.” That goes a long way towards explaining why Holmes values his friends (or whatever he sees them as) – they keep him grounded, and at least give him some semblance of humanity. I think Moriarty senses that Watson is a big part of that, too- note her studied depiction of Watson’s visage in the painting she did in her loft- and that Holmes may be more attached to Watson than even he realizes.

Nonetheless, when it came down to it, Holmes just couldn’t burn the letters Moriarty sent to him, and it’s not because they are valuable tools for studying a diseased mind, as he claimed to Watson, but because he still loves her, even while he hates her for the things she’s done to him, as well as others. It’s a fascinating relationship, and I very much like the idea of Moriarty occasionally being brought in to assist on crimes as she did on this episode. Note also the allusion to a dossier she has assembled with various secrets on it, including those taught to her by her former mentor. Also, who is that mentor? Is he still out there? Will he (or she, as the case may be) crop up later on to also terrorize Holmes or someone else? Lots of possibilities there, and I can’t wait to see what the show does with them.

So, all in all, a great episode of “Elementary” to start off the New Year. Dormer is always welcome in my mind for anything she does, and the mythos the show is building around Moriarty is intriguing and should make for some more interesting episodes of the show on down the line. You also have to wonder about the father of the child in question, who might well be her unnamed mentor- and who might just crop up himself later on. Unless it’s actually a her, of course. (The mentor, not the father, obviously.)

What did you think of “Elementary” this week? Happy to see Moriarty again? Do you find her fascinating as well? Do you think Holmes will ever be able to truly move on from what she did to him? Are he and Watson destined to be together? Can Holmes actually be friends with someone or is he just going through the motions of what he thinks friendship is supposed to be? Sound off on this and anything else that strikes your fancy below and I’ll see you next episode!