On TV Tonight, Monday, 12/30/13: Major Crimes and More

TV Equals Schedules Fall 2013 Monday

Our Picks

Being Human – 8am (All Day Marathon) Syfy
I’ve maintained my Being Human UK purist status for three years now, but Syfy is trying to shake my resolve with an all day season three marathon of their Americanized version. Either use it as a refresher or as an invitation to the darkside– the choice is yours.

Major Crimes – 9pm TNT
Former Cosby kid Malcolm-Jamal Warner is guest starring tonight as a Special Investigation Section supervisor tasked with figuring out who is trying to kill Rusty and Sharon. I’m stuck on the part where Warner is an adult person now who can guest star on crime shows and comedies (how did I forget he was on Community?).

James May’s Man Lab – 10pm BBC America
I have no idea what the premise of this show is. What is a Man Lab? Is it the adult version of a no-girls allowed sign? Whatever this mysterious show that I assumed was about tools is actually about, it sounds like James Mays is going in search of Nessie tonight. Or Nessie’s lesser known cousin. Look, the synopsis promises a monster, so it had better deliver. Otherwise I’m going to be bummed I watch something called Man Lab.

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