Sundance Channel Premieres First ‘The Red Road’ Trailer

The 2013 television season was a huge year for Sundance Channel. They brought us the atmospheric and dark Top of the Lake, the quietly haunting Rectify and the intense French import The Returned. Now the network is hoping to continue their streak with The Red Road, a drama about an ex-con and a cop whose uneasy alliance is one divided town’s best hope for survival…or the perfect recipe for its destruction.

The first trailer gives off a strong vibe of unrest between the Native Americans and the town’s other residents, but it doesn’t make it clear how these two men teaming up will help. However, for a first trailer it has the moodiness we’ve come to expect from Sundance and it is always nice to see Jason Momoa. The series also stars Martin Henderson, Julianne Nicholson and Tom Sizemore.

The Red Road premieres February 2014 on Sundance Channel.