Nikita Season 4 Review “Bubble”


Talk about going out in a blaze of glory! We knew we wouldn’t come out of Nikita’s final season clean, and the first to fall was always going to Ryan. What made it much less painful, however, was the respectful and impactful way in which the show decided to kill their most expendable (yet my favorite) character – fighting for the truth and doing whatever it would take to get that truth back to Nikita. He’s been largely missing from this farewell season, but it feels right that his death would be the thing that ushers us in to the big showdown next week.

Last week we, and the group, were lured into a false sense of security, and ‘Bubble’ was about accepting and/or rejecting the freedom that offered all of the characters. The medal the government wished to bestow upon Nikita in exchange for her being the face of the spun story was the perfect motif, and meant that we’re now going into the finale much in the same way as we began. Nikita is now part of a whole new system that wishes to use her for their own gain, and she’s bringing her people together in order to defy that system. The added threat of Amanda and The Group just makes things more urgent.

I expressed my wish last week for Alex and Nikita’s relationship to come front and center in time for the series ender, and I’ve gotten that wish. As soon as we heard Nikita on the phone to some invisible presence, I knew that the show wasn’t going to let me down. Keeping them apart for the first five weeks of season four may have been incredibly frustrating, but it also allowed the show to deal with all of its other elements. I have the suspicion is that the finale will be all about Nikita, Alex and Amanda, and that makes me incredibly excited. My only concern is that ‘Bubble’ might be better than the ultimate finale – but we’ll see.

Seeing Nikita, Birkoff, Michael, Ryan and Sonya give their statements about Division and the last four years of their lives was so, so satisfying for long-time viewers and this pay-off alone would have made the hour one of the greats of the series’ run. But add to that Nikita’s struggle with being free just before it’s taken away from her again, Alex and Sam finally being honest with each other and Ryan’s heroic leap out of a window and you’ve got a penultimate adventure good enough to be a series ender. How, exactly are they going to top this? By having Nikita finally face off against Amanda – that’s how.

In just six episodes, Nikita has covered more ground than other similar shows do in whole 22-episode final seasons and, while I hate that this show has never found a large audience, the cancellation kind of adds an extra layer to the whole ‘Nikita vs. the World’ theme. It’s one of those shows that’s always done whatever the heck it wanted in search of a good story, and that’s something to be applauded at this moment. The people that found the show and stuck with it have now been rewarded with a cracking final season and, should the last episode be just as strong, a show that knew what it was from the very beginning.

What did you think of the episode? How upset are you about Ryan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.