Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Pukana” – Chin Gets Danger for Christmas

Pukana (Keepsake)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Pukana,” Chin is kidnapped by a truly depraved serial killer, while Danny helps another father find a reconnection to his lost little girl.

After all of the feels from last week’s episode, it was almost nice to think that this one would be a lot of action since it centered around a serial killer. But I should’ve known that Hawaii Five-0 would never give us a holiday episode without tugging on our heart strings a little bit.

The team finds the body of a burglar in a car and it leads them to a serial killer. Poor draws the short straw and ends up knocking on the wrong door. When a totally normal-looking guy opens it, Chin has no clue he’s about to be tied up and thrown into a basement. Things get even worse when the guy’s girlfriend shows up and she ends up down there, too.

Once the team realizes who they are really chasing and that Chin is missing, they deploy the cavalry and go after him. But I liked that Chin didn’t end up needing them in the end. Proving once again just how much of a badass he is, Chin killed the guy before the team busted into the room.

The serial killer story was the action part of the episode. Filling in the emotional parts was the backstory of the box that Grace found on the beach and Danny’s attempts to figure out what it meant. I love that he got Charlie involved and I was surprised to find out that it came from the tsunami in Japan years ago. I was also surprised that Danny and Grace flew all the way to Japan to return the locket to father of the dead girl, but then again that is so something that Danny would do. With that, the show gave us a beautiful moment full of Christmas spirit before signing off for the holidays.

My favorite bits:

Grace informing her dad that the nice lady was flirting with him.

“Do yourself a favor, don’t let yours grow up.”

Danny guessing, correctly, that Steve wanted him to drive over and pick him up. He’s learning.

Chin giggling at Danny’s shorts.

Danny saying he didn’t speak dog and asking Steve to give it a shot. Ha!

“You know what, you’re actually a lot funnier in short pants.” – You know what, I think Steve is right.

Not being at all surprised to be see that Max put a Santa hat on a skeleton.

Haha! Danny was right, Max was totally planning Operation.

“He looks dead.”
“He does look dead. That’s very observant.”

Danny struggling to open the box and Steve getting it open on the first try.

Danny finding the locket and both of them realizing it might have come from the tsunami.

Kamekona singing “Tiny Bubbles.”

Kamekona hitting Steve and Danny up for $300.00

The guys standing there watching as another guy broke into the house.

Danny asking Charlie to look at the box because it meant a lot to Grace and Charlie guessing it meant a lot to Danny, too.

Chin and Catherine turning their assignments into a wager.

Totally suspecting that Gary guy.

Yep, I knew it. Poor Chin!

Everyone learning the serial killer’s M.O. – while Chin was going through some of that M.O.

Everyone finally realizing Chin was missing.

The killer showing Chin the pictures of his other victims. Sick, sick, sick.

Chin finding a way to get under Gary’s skin.

Gary’s girlfriend showing up and earning herself a trip down into the basement. Wow, this creep doesn’t waste any time.

Chin vs. Gary battle. That was so brutal. And Chin is a badass. I LOVE that he (with Emily’s help) killed Gary before the team got there.

“I wanted to be the one to pull the trigger.”
“Be glad you didn’t.”

Not really wanting to know what was in that safe.

“This Grinch act of yours, just stop it. You know you like me.”

Everybody wisely walking away when Danny and Steve started their argument.

Danny calling Steve a putz.

The whole montage: Chin and Leilani enjoying the sunset, Max and Kamekona in their elf costumes, Grover in his Santa suit, Steve and Catherine at his father’s grave and Kono driving into Vancouver.

Danny and Grace playing hockey. Too cute.

Danny and Grace flying all the way to Japan to give the father back the box and the locket.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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