‘The Spoils of Babylon’ Sneak Peak Clip Features Toby Maguire and Kristen Wiig as Flirting Siblings

The Spoils of Babylon

Who knew economics could be so sexy?

Okay, it’s actually not that sexy, but The Spoils of Babylon, IFC’s new epic miniseries spoof of epic miniseries reveals how talking about Adam Smith can get a pair of adopted siblings hot and bothered. In the scene Tony Maguire’s Devon, the adopted son of an oil tycoon, tries to resist making out with his adopted sis (Kristen Wigg). If you think that’s nuts, just wait until you see the insanity on display in the full-length trailer. Watch both videos below.

Actors bringing the Morehouse family saga to life include Jessica Alba, Will Ferrell, Jellybean Howie, Val Kilmer, Maguire, Haley Joel Osment, Tim Robbins, Michael Sheen, Steve Tom and Wiig with a cameo by David Spade and the voice of Carey Mulligan.

The Spoils of Babylon premieres January 9th beginning at 10PM on IFC.