Mob City Season 1 “Oxpecker/Stay Down” Review

When the first two episodes of Mob City premiered, we found Joe Teague contemplating the times when it was appropriate to murder someone. By the end of the second episode of the series, we learned that Joe would murder for love without hesitation. Poor Hecky.

When the last two installments of the series aired, we saw that Joe had kicked up a massive hornet’s nest in the form of Sid Rothman. I was excited to see the final showdown between the men as Sid managed to stay off the radar thanks to an assist from a mole within the police department. One thing was clear as we headed into last night’s season finale, a showdown between Sid and Joe was imminent.

Joe’s complicated situation continued this week, as he tried to protect his ex-wife Jasmine from the fate one must face after they’ve taken incriminating photos of Bugsy Siegel and tried to profit from them. Even if Hecky was the mastermind of the blackmail scheme, there was no way that Jasmine could fully distance herself from his poor judgment after it was confirmed that she was the shutterbug thanks to a red light in her bathroom.

Joe tried to appeal to Bugsy on Jasmine’s behalf and in response, Bugsy made him a final offer – Jasmine dies, you live. Ugh. Although he’s proven to be masterful at coming up with quick fixes, not even Joe’s former military comrade Ned Stax could get him out of this pickle. If Ned is telling you to stand down because Jasmine’s got the target on her, you’re in real trouble.

Joe might have also been a victim of poor timing when he went to appeal to Bugsy on Jasmine’s behalf. The man who steered the effort to open up Las Vegas to the mob received some bad news from another real life gangster – Meyer Lansky. As a fan of Boardwalk Empire, it was fun to see a different version of Lansky who was older, well-established and no longer under the direct tutelage of Arnold Rothstein. Lansky arrived to warn Bugsy that his East Coast colleagues were not happy with the lack of return they’d gotten thus far on their financial investment into Bugsy’s Vegas dream. For students of history, you know how this all ends up for him. He may have been over budget, but Bugsy was definitely on to something with his vision for Vegas at that time.

The news wasn’t all bad for Bugsy, as he’d been cleared for murder, which meant Sid was in the clear too.

With Carl dead, the opportunity to take Bugsy down legally was no longer an option for Joe. In a twist on history, we find Joe at Bugsy’s house where fires numerous rounds at the gangster, one of which hit Bugsy’s famously beautiful eyes. The real life Bugsy was gunned down in a similar manner and his death remains unsolved. Most historians, however, do not believe that he was gunned down by a detective who murdered for love.

Joe may have secured a reprieve for Jasmine, but he opened up a world of trouble between Bugsy’s second-in-command, Cohen, and their rival Jack Dragna. Unsurprisingly, it was Ned who warned Joe about the consequences of his actions. It looks like Ned is the only one who knows the truth behind Bugsy’s murder. Will Ned keep his war buddy’s secret or will his hand be forced if things get too violent between the warring factions?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and see if TNT grants Mob City a second season. I’m hoping the network will and that it will air one episode per week as a vote of confidence. What did you think of the Mob City finale? Would you return for a second season? Sound off below!