NCIS Season 11 Review “Homesick” – Faith Is Infectious


In this episode of NCIS, called “Homesick,” the team battles a tiny, but effectual killer when a super-virus starts infection children of military families. Along the way, everyone has to learn to find faith before they can stop the mysterious illness.

NCIS has been giving us great holiday episodes since pretty much day one on this series and I am happy to add this one to my growing list of favorites. How can this show keep on getting better and better? By putting together, once again, all of the elements that make an episode like this one so incredibly good.

Being a holiday episode, it’s no surprise that family played a large part in the theme of this one. But the word “family” had a lot of different interpretations and each interpretation made the episode richer. For Vance, the idea of family meant having to get past the terrible things his father-in-law did to Jackie when she was a child. He spent a lot of time in this episode hating the man, but in the end it took a speech by Abby to show Vance that he needed to let the past go.

It’s interesting to note that Abby’s speech was actually aimed at Palmer and therein laid the other part of the family theme in this episode. No one could blame Jimmy for his crises of faith and for faltering on his decision to adopt a child. But though I understood where he was coming from, I was very happy that Abby (and Gibbs, too, since he reminded Jimmy that things do go right sometimes) was able to change his mind. I look forward to him and Breena bringing the bundle of joy home and hearing the pitter patter of little feet in Abby’s lab (as I really hope he doesn’t bring his little one to autopsy).

The final part of the family theme came in the form of the ever-present “team=family” part of the episode. We saw that in the camaraderie between every member of the team: from Tony asking McGee out for a drink after their case and offering a ride to Bishop on their way, to everyone working together – day and night – to help the kids. It was also seen in Gibbs’ offer of help (twice) to Vance and the way they all encouraged Bishop to move on after her blunder.

All in all, this was a perfect holiday episode.

My favorite bits:

Finding out that Tony was going to Jamaica for Christmas. I don’t blame him for wanting some time away.

The look on Bishop’s face when she found out Abby’s cookies were lab-baked. Hey, don’t knock’em until you’ve tried’em (not that I have, of course, but I trust Abby).

“Did you say lab-baked?”
“Yes. I wield a very merry Bunsen burner.”

Tony’s face when Abby said McGee gave her the finger.

Tony calling McGee “Tiny Tim.”

Seeing Abby’s friend Carol again. Love her!

“She’s my oldest friend.”
“I prefer ‘long-term friend.'” – Haha! I hear that, sister.

Tony freaking out when everyone started to think it was bioterrorism. Poor Tony, he has definitely had enough experience with that.

Vance adjusting his answer to Gibbs when his children walked in the room.

McGee holding Bishop back from going and talking to his friends after she messed up.

Finding out that Jimmy had taken a few extra classes after Tony caught Y. Pestis. Love hearing about little details like that.

Ducky offering Jimmy to Abby as an assistant.

Gibbs offering to help, again, even after Vance said his issue with his father-in-law was a personal matter. Aw.

Yay! I totally knew Breena was going to say they were going to get a baby as soon as she walked in the lab.

Hmm. is it just me or did Jimmy look like he was having a panic attack after he got the news about the baby?

Bishop finding out that Tony actually had the plague. Yeah, I guess that would be shocking news to find out about a new co-worker.

“I don’t like ginger.”
“Not in your cookies, anyway.” – Ha

Bishop asking if Gibbs ever gave them a “nice job.” Excuse me a second… *collapses into hysterical laugher.”

Ducky reassuring Jimmy that the rewards of fatherhood far outweighed the risks. Aw.

Gibbs telling Jimmy things did go right sometimes.

Lamar finding out that his grandchildren thought he was dead. Ouch.

Tony actually calling Gibbs “Mr. Scrooge.” No head slap for that on? Seriously? Sounds like Gibbs actually does have the Christmas spirit.

Everyone reassuring Bishop that she needed to move on from her mistake.

“Leroy Ebenezer Gibbs, did we just agree on something?”
“Hey, Bob Cratchit, find Patient Zero, huh?” – And Gibbs comes back with a zinger!

The way Gibbs looked at Bishop when they were deciding who should go talk to Comey.

Vance telling his father-in-law that Jackie sent more personal notes to their trash collector than her own father. Yikes. This storyline is killing me.

Bishop’s speech to the parents starting out in a really bad place, but ending up in a good one, thank goodness.

Vance coming to find that the team had been working all night.

Abby’s Christmas sweater making another appearance. Love it. Still want one.

Abby and Carol naming all things that should be infectious during the holidays to snap Jimmy out of his no-baby thoughts.

“You already said ‘kindness.'”
“I like kindness.”

Actually saying “Santa Claus?!” with Abby, Jimmy and Carol when Gibbs announced he was Patient Zero.

“Great job, everybody.” – Okay, I think my heart just grew three sizes larger.

Getting a touch tearful during the musical montage. Especially seeing Jimmy and Breena meet the birth mother.

Vance introducing his grandchildren to their grandfather.

“What part of ‘long winter’s nap’ don’t you understand?”
“One little McToddy won’t hurt you.”

“We all deserve to be happy, Gibbs, especially this time of year.”

Gibbs’ little smile as he ate the coffee cake from Bishop. Beyond sweet.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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