Haven Season 4: Where Do We Go From Here?

Haven Season 4 Episode 13 The Lighthouse (2)

Have we all recovered from “The Lighthouse”?

I know I haven’t, but I’m going to try to muddle through the mythology, heartbreak and insanity to make some sense out of the multitude of cliffhangers Haven‘s season four finale left us with. After the events in “The Lighthouse,” the biggest question is where does Haven go from here? Let’s break down a few of the show’s options.

Ditch the Trouble of the Week Format

In the aftermath of Duke killing a baby’s father and the entire gang descending into the depths of the lighthouse, continuing to mold every episode around a trouble of the week would be a disservice to the show. The Troubles are still a part of the DNA of the series and with Mara on the loose, I’m sure they will play a big role in the next season. However, embracing the serialized storytelling that has been creeping in all season long will only serve to make Haven better and continue to raise the stakes as the show gets darker.

Make Mara the Big Bad

This one is a no-brainer. Mara doesn’t need to exit the story anytime soon. I want to see her remain the big bad throughout season five. Think of the angst it will cause Nathan and the town at large. Their savior has been replaced by an evil, trouble-creating machine, and the one man who might have been able to keep her in check fell into an abyss of unknown origins. Dealing with Audrey’s original personality and exploring how she came to trade in being Mara for a series of personalities with a singular goal to right her original sin is compelling stuff.

I wouldn’t want to see a solution come too early in the season. The writers have set up a storyline too juicy to squander.

Rescue William

Colin Ferguson was the most genial villain I have ever seen on television. He, like so many Havenites, was driven by love. His actions may have been deplorable, but he wanted the love of his life back. Now they’re separated again, which Mara is not happy about. With any luck that means a descent beyond the door is in order. Perhaps, we could actually spend several episodes beyond Haven’s boarders, but first they have to open that door again which means…

Operation Unkill Jennifer

Jennifer randomly dropped dead post door opening, almost as if she had served her purpose. I say that is unacceptable. I am firmly on team bring back Jennifer and the writers have the perfect excuse to do it. Mara wants William back, Jennifer is the only one who can open the door…therefore Mara needs to concoct some way to revive Jennifer in order to get to William. It might also help neutralize the ticking time bomb that is Duke…

Duke implosion?

The writers aren’t going to kill Duke, but he is on the verge of having a trouble implosion which could create something monstrous, unleashing an untold number of troubles upon Haven. Unless he is neutralized. Perhaps, a trip beyond the door would do the trick? Seriously, we need to see what’s on the other side and Duke deserves a break. The poor guy has been through the ringer this year. A change of scenery, a non-dead girlfriend and not mutating into a trouble machine might just perk him up.

Beyond the Door

I doubt Haven has a lot of years left in it given the rate the writers are dispensing information. If that is the case, then season five should answer the final big question. What is Mara/Audrey’s point of origin? Why was Haven chosen? Who are the people on the other side? The who, what, where and why of it all is just within reach. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to take the leap.

Those are my ideas about where season five could be heading, but the finale was so crazy it’s hard to formulate any definite ideas about next season. What do you think is coming up next on Haven? And can you stand waiting until next year to find out what will happen to your favorite characters?

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