‘Revenge’ Season 3: The Shot Heard Round The Hamptons

Revenge Season 3 Episode 10 Exodus (35)

The much anticipated fall finale of Revenge aired Sunday night on ABC, finally bringing to an end the question of who shot Emily. And, who was the culprit? Well, more on that a little further down, but for now let’s take a look at some of the other storylines in this episode aptly titled “Exodus”.

LYDIA: Lydia (returning guest star Amber Valletta) is still in The Hamptons, having spent a night with her former lover Conrad Grayson (series regular Henry Czerny) only to be thrown to the curb because of what he discovered in her journal. A journal, I might add, that was to be used by magazine publisher and Daniel’s business partner Margaux (recurring guest star Karine Vanasse). Margaux, of course, dropped Lydia like a lead brick as soon as she discovered Lydia’s ulterior motive was to get back together with Conrad. Let’s also not forget that Lydia also had photographic proof of Emily [nee Amanda] (series lead Emily VanCamp) from that 2003 New Year’s Eve party, which she used to get her beach house back from the blonde beauty. And, after a brief conversation with Margaux, Conrad realized that Lydia does truly love him and he invites her on the family honeymoon as planned by Emily.

PATRICK: Emily uses Victoria’s (series lead Madeleine Stowe) first born son Patrick (recurring guest Justin Hartley) as her final pawn in her revengenda, convincing Conrad to bring Patrick back to The Hamptons so that Victoria will actually attend the wedding of the year. Remember Victoria declined the wedding invitation in last week’s episode, putting a severe twist in Emily’s plans. With the long-lost son firmly in place – although out of Nolan’s (series regular Gabriel Mann) life due to the unnecessary break-up scene that played out about a third of the way through the episode – Victoria is back on the front line.

SARA: Sara (recurring guest star Annabelle Stephenson) basically says goodbye to Daniel [AGAIN?!] on the morning of the big wedding; and it is obvious that neither of them want to part. And, then she drowns her sorrows in too much alcohol at the Stowaway, admitting to her soon-to-be-former boss Jack (series regular Nick Wechsler) that she is in love with Daniel. What does her over-indulgence in liquor get her, though? A supposed suicide attempt. Really?!

JACK: He and Emily have their awkward and rather angry goodbye with him yelling at her that she took everything from him – and to a great degree she did do just that. Emily also admits that after she got Jack to safety after his own disastrous honeymoon at sea, she went back to help Amanda [nee the real Emily] (former recurring guest star Margarita Levieva), but she died in her arms (something Jack never knew). This revelation did not help their relationship, but since they both knew Emily would be disappearing forever after the wedding, does mending fences even matter?

THE WEDDING: The wedding goes off without a hitch, thanks in great part to Aiden (series regular Barry Sloane) stopping Lydia from making an appearance. And, the reception is filled with all the normalcy of any wedding reception in The Hamptons, including hidden animosity, tearless goodbyes and the groom still trying to reach out to his former love. No problems, right?

WHO SHOT EMILY: The first scene of ‘Revenge’ from the season premiere back in September showed Emily in her wedding dress being shot twice in the gut and falling overboard. That scene was finally played out in full detail with Victoria showing Emily the picture from New Year’s Eve – given to her by Lydia – and finally being able to prove that Emily is not what she seems and Emily admitting that she isn’t pregnant and more than meets the eye. That anger-laced conversation is overheard by a very inebriated Daniel, who is the actual culprit (did anyone see that coming?). He is the one who shot Emily and as she floats away, he tosses the gun and seems almost nonplussed that he committed the crime.

THE ENDING: In the final scene, Jack is unexpectedly waiting on the beach as Aiden swims ashore (he was on the yacht to assure that Victoria was safely locked away in the bathroom – which didn’t play out as planned because of Lydia) and they soon discover Emily’s wedding dress washing up on the beach with gunshot holes and lots of blood.

Dun, dun, dun…

Which brings us to the end of the first half of the third season of ‘Revenge’ except now we have even more questions, right? What happens now? What will Victoria do with her new-found proof? Will Daniel admit his guilt? One thing is for sure, if the clips for the return of the show on January 5 at 9/8c on ABC are any indication, [SPOILER ALERT] Emily somehow survives and has amnesia. Like we would expect anything else in a soap opera, right?

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