On TV Tonight, Tuesday, 12/17/13: NCIS, Awkward and More

TV Equals Schedules Fall 2013 Tuesday

Our Picks

The Chase – 8pm GSN
I love this game show and tonight’s slow what with 90% of television on hiatus until after the holidays, so I’m throwing this recommendation out there. The show pits regular contestants against a cocky genius for cash prizes. It’s like a faster, more complicated Who Wants to Be a Millionaire designed to make us all feel like idiots. In other words, it’s the perfect game show.

How Sherlock Changed the World – 9pm PBS
PBS is tricking us into being smarter again. I can only speak for myself here, but I’ve been suffering through a serious case of Sherlock fever thanks to the BBC series and Elementary. This doc goes way back to the sleuth’s beginnings and reveals the real world effects Arthur Conan Doyle’s work has had not only on fiction, but on crime solving.

Awkward – 10:30pm MTV
The third season of Awkward comes to an end tonight with one of TV’s most fascinating teens forced to reevaluate herself after a year of flirting with her darker side. The conclusion promises to be as intricate and heartbreaking as what came before– this is definitely tonight’s can’t miss pick.


8 PM – 9 PM

The Biggest Loser – 8pm NBC

NCIS – 8pm CBS

9 PM – 10 PM

NCIS: Los Angeles – 9pm CBS

The Voice – 9pm NBC

10 PM – 11 PM

Person of Interest – 10pm CBS

(Please note: The image grid at the top is the default Fall 2013 schedule and might not always represent what is currently airing tonight. Please make sure to look at the list below to get the most up to date information.)