‘Mythbusters’ To Celebrate 11 Year Anniversary With Jan. 4 Premiere


Mythbusters will return to the Discovery Channel with all new episodes on January 4 in celebration of the series’ 11th year on air. The popular show, upon its return, is set to explore some of the most exciting and popular scenes from the ‘Stars Wars’ franchise in their premiere episode.

The season opener will feature ‘One Tree Hill’ alum and current star of ‘Chicago PD’, Sophia Bush, alongside the show’s regulars Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara, as they test the realities behind Luke’s crazy escape while holding Princess Leia. As loyal fans will remember the two escaped the Stormtroopers when Luke swung the princess across a large chasm. The gang will also explore the scenes involving Luke inside a Tauntaun and the primitive weapons the Ewoks used against Darth Vader’s savvy arsenal. This Spring, ‘Mythbusters’ will also team up with moonshiners to test myths such as exploding stills and how to avoid traffic jams.

‘Mythbusters’ first debuted on Discovery Channel back in 2003, disproving 925 myths, filming over 7600 hours, created 840 explosions and used 53,100 yards of duct tape in their last 11 years. Will you be tuning into the new season of ‘Mythbusters’? Leave us your comments on the series’ return below.