Witches of East End Season 1 Review “Oh, What a World!”

Witches of East End Season Finale Episode 10 Oh, What a World! 07

After ten whole weeks of agonising over her two suitors on Witches of East End, Freya finally made a decision and still ended up alone! That’s bad luck for anyone, but especially since it was Freya’s wedding day. Did she make the right choice? Given that my theories about Dash being bad news proved to be false (for now), the jury’s still out as to which brother is the trickster. The show came up with a creative way to keep Freya and Killian apart at the last minute, even if I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t kill him off this early.

But the bigger source of excitement is the return of Dash and Killian’s power after their mother was killed – can they now join the Beauchamp’s as members of the magical community? It was one thing to watch Freya and Ingrid take to their supernatural identities like ducks to water (minus a couple of slight hiccups), but seeing how Dash and Killian would react to having had their powers hidden from them their whole lives might have much more of an impact. I’m excited.

But the first season had been all about Freya and Dash’s wedding and, at the very last second, the whole thing was called off. Honestly, I was getting tired of hearing Freya call Dash her soulmate when we had never really seen any evidence in support of that and, while I’m equally ambivalent about Killian right now, I’d like to see Dash on the outs in season two. I feel as though there’s a more interesting character hiding underneath the surface there just waiting to come out so, with the writers seemingly adding a few more wrinkles to his character development, that should hopefully play out in the future.

But at least Penelope is out of the way – she was far too camp of a villain to ever allow Witches of East End to become anything more than a Charmed clone. Her demise means that, not only are her sons now back in possession of their powers, but Joanna and Wendy are technically responsible for their mother’s death. Judging by how badly Athena reacted to a similar fatality, that can’t be good news for next season. We even learned that they may have more than one life a la Freya and Ingrid, since Freya had already fallen for Killian in a past life.

If that wasn’t enough to be getting on with, there was also the cliffhanger of Ingrid opening the portal to Asgard – is that shady figure a friend or foe? He could even be Joanna and Victor’s lost son – Frederick – but maybe that’s a little too easy? I would like to see the family fight to find him for a little while, rather than jumping right into a new family dynamic so soon. Anyway, Penelope might be gone but they still have Mike to deal with in the season two premiere. This first season of Witches of East End wasn’t perfect but, all in all, I can’t wait to see more!

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