Revenge Season 3 Review “Exodus”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 10 Exodus (4)

For all the times Revenge has utilized the flash-forward narrative device to set up a long-term mystery, this week’s midseason finale, “Exodus,” proved once again why it’s such an effective method of storytelling. Sure, Daniel certainly wasn’t the most surprising shooter possible, but the way things fell into place throughout the episode made for a satisfying finale, as well as providing some of the biggest shake-ups in Revenge history.

The episode was full of small problems for Emily to deal with leading up the wedding, and it was great that no matter what she did, things only ever got worse. She had Conrad bring Patrick back to get Victoria to come to the wedding, only for his presence to complicate matters further. Then, when Nolan drew him away, Patrick discovered one of his secret safes. What exactly he’ll find is still up in the air, but it’s sure to be more evidence to help Victoria going forward.

Though things didn’t work out quite the way she planned, it still looks as if Victoria will be the prime suspect going forward, incriminating photo of Emily or not. Considering she gave her the photo, Lydia will probably suspect her, as will the rest of the Graysons. Daniel may have pulled the trigger, but I doubt he’s going to rush to prove Victoria innocent. As much as she cares about him, I wonder if Victoria would even let him.

Though the investigation into who shot Emily will dominate the show in the New Year, the more exciting prospect is the simple fact that things are going to be fundamentally different now. Victoria has solid proof that Emily’s been playing the long con, as does Daniel, if he remembers anything from his drunken state. No matter how things shake out, there’s far less room for veiled threats and backstabbing. Unless the events of this episode go through some major retcons, the show has a chance to grow in an interesting new way when it returns.

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