Almost Human Season 1 Review “Arrhythmia”

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 6 Arrhythmia (5)

Almost Human returned tonight with the interesting but somewhat derivative episode “Arrhythmia”. With a lot of great character beats and some good action moments, this show continues to be one of the most fun new shows of the season. It may not be the incredible sci-fi series that Fringe and JJ Abrams fans might have expected, but I really do look forward to every new episode on Monday nights! That’s got to count for something, right?

The main plot of the episode involved people having black market artificial organs surgically inserted into their bodies, and suddenly dropping dead when they failed to make a payment. This plot might seem incredibly familiar for anybody who saw the 2010 Jude Law film Repo Men. Despite a weird twist ending at the end of that film, the main thrust of the plot was virtually identical. The idea of the synthetic organs being black market was a new twist for this episode, but it didn’t do quite enough to make it seem fresh. I guess there are very few people like me who actually watched Repo Men a few years ago, and I guess the writers were banking on that for this episode.

Besides, the most interesting part of the episode didn’t even involve the synthetic organs. They involved a new (hopefully recurring?) character called DRN-494, who was another android with a “soul” just like Dorian. This guy was never given an actual name, but he certainly made an impression on John and Dorian. The scene where he tackled the ex-con, causing a ridiculous chain reaction, was a bit goofy, and I’m also not sure why he called Rudy “Randy”, since these things rarely make mistakes like that. Just about everything else with this guy was great, though.

The inclusion of DRN-494 did make for a nice little piece of character development between John and Dorian as well. It was very moving to hear Dorian talk about how thankful he was for John being the one who woke him up. It makes sense for Dorian to want to pass that blessing on to somebody else, even if the memory of DRN-494’s former cases ended up haunting him. It was very sweet for Dorian to leave his new friend with only the happy memories of his days as a cop, and I hope we’ll see more of 494 in future episodes. Michael Ealy is easily the best part of this show, so having double Dorians could never be a bad thing!

The concept of artificial body parts was a concept that should have hit a little too close to home for Kennex, but it was never really discussed too much. He threw a dirty look at an artificial leg at the crematorium, but I was surprised that he didn’t identify more with the poor people who were forced to seek these body parts, since he had to do the same thing at one point.

The whole idea of being forced to perform illegal actions to stay alive is a very interesting one, and you couldn’t help but feel for that Emilia woman who was this close to getting the heart that she wanted so badly before John “saved” her. I was glad that she ended up getting her heart in the end, but I did feel bad for the young lady and the old man who were trying to make their payments.

The least satisfying part of the episode was the ending, which you could have seen coming a mile away. It was way too obvious to me that the creepy looking dude with the English accent ended up being the bad guy. He might as well have had a long, handlebar mustache that he twirled as he spoke.

Almost Human is now taking its winter break, so we won’t get another episode until January 6th. This is a much shorter winter break than other shows get, though, so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky. See you guys in a few weeks!

Random Thoughts:

– I guess hospitals really haven’t improved much for this show. It’s still a busy and colorless place where everybody is angry and nobody is satisfied.

– Is the national average donation really 4% of income? That seems pretty darn generous to me. Maybe people are more generous in the future?

– Why is John’s car so incredibly loud? Shouldn’t future cars be all quiet and smooth?