Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “It’s My Night”

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen! Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the exciting and intriguing 27th season of the best reality competition show on TV, came to a close tonight with “It’s My Night”. With CBS already having reviewed this series for three more seasons, we have quite a lot more of Survivor to look forward to, but we can still enjoy tonight’s great season finale in the meantime!

The episode began much like the other ones, as we see the blue tinged nighttime scenes as Kasama reacts to voting Hayden out. Monica really did make a smart choice sticking with her original alliance, as it shows the jury that she has loyalty to her alliance and the jury will probably be too upset with Tyson and Gervase that they might want to throw a vote or two at her.

We quickly get to the final Redemption Island Duel, which was a real nailbiter. When I heard that it was just going to be another endurance and balance challenge, I was a little disappointed. There’s not a lot of inventiveness to these challenges, and they usually are a little more geared toward women winning them, but this one was pretty darn exciting! It was such a surprise, then, that I was screaming at the top of my lungs when I was watching these vases tip and wobble the whole time! I couldn’t believe that Laura M was making all of those incredible saves, and I was really hoping that she would stick around and gut one out, but Tina barely ever looked like she was close to letting that vase drop. Laura has done an incredible job at Redemption Island, so it was a huge bummer that she was so down on herself. I was glad that Ciera tried to cheer her mom up, though. I was getting a little teary-eyed, I’m not gonna lie.

If I thought the Duel was an exciting one, the immunity challenge was even better! It’s pretty rare that we get new challenges on Survivor anymore, with just about every one being a re-hash of a past challenge, but this one was totally new! Part balance and part speed, having to balance multiple blocks at once like that was really inventive. I was pretty surprised that Tyson was able to pull it out, not being known for his stellar balance, but his long wingspan proved to be a huge advantage.

The fun Duel and the great immunity challenge both led up perfectly to the stellar Tribal Council. I was genuinely surprised that Ciera was sent home, and that Monica didn’t make the switch. Monica was sure talking like she was going to make a bit switch, causing Tyson to play his hidden immunity on Gervase. I’m not sure what Monica’s thinking was here, as she was obviously aware that Tyson had the idol, and that her words might convince him to play it.

It was even more ridiculous when Monica was all upset with Tyson and Gervase for not trusting her. He wants to trust you, Monica! He’s trying to as hard as he can! It’s ridiculous speeches and fake-outs like these that are shaking his confidence!

The final immunity challenge was pretty freakin’ awesome, with six mini-stages, a big slide, and a really clever puzzle. I thought it was a little goofy that everybody was making such a big deal of Monica giving Gervase a little nudge on the staircase. To hear Jeff and Gervase recap it made it sound like she full-on checked him into the banister like a hockey player, when it was really just a glorified shove.

Monica continued to bother me when she I don’t understand what Monica was talking about saying that she wanted to make “another” big move. Um, when was the first one?

The appeals at the final tribal were hit and miss, with mostly misses. Monica trying to convince people that she was not a puppy dog and that she did not just get pushed around by her alliance by telling them that she had the opportunity to switch her alliances but didn’t? Really? So the proof that you’re not just doing what these two guys tell you is that you…have just been doing what these two guys have been telling you? Am I missing something here?

Also, claiming that she “made” Brad? What does that even mean? If anything, Brad made her by forcing her to do everything he wants! Also, her “Have you all never met a nice person?” speech was just cringe-inducing.

The questions being asked weren’t that great either, though. Vytas did one of my jury member pet peeves, where he didn’t even have any questions for the jury and just elected to do some grandstanding. Tina and Aras just asked the same boring jury member questions that we’ve heard a bunch of times before. Ciera and Hayden were the only ones who really seemed to want to get something out of the players, but it didn’t really matter anyway.

Tyston Apostol becomes the rightful winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water with a final vote of 8-1! Vytas was the only baby who was so butthurt that he didn’t want to give his vote to the more deserving player in the game, but the only difference that it made was that it didn’t give Tyson the unanimous 9-0 vote that he deserved, but he still won the million bucks! I’ll see you all in February for the 28th season of Survivor!

What did you think of this season? Are you glad Tyson won? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Hayden was rocking an amazing mustache at the Tribal Council. I hope they explain how he made this decision on Ponderosa.

– Why were Monica and Tina talking about making Gervase build fire? Why wouldn’t they draw rocks anymore in the event of a tie? Does it switch over at final four or final five?

– There was no “Walk down memory lane” tonight! I know lots of people don’t like that tradition, but I was a fan! Maybe they didn’t do it because Colton refused to say anything.