Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Going Home”

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 11 Going Home (4)

There was a strong déjà vu feeling to this week’s Once Upon a Time as the group raced to stop Pan from resurrecting Regina’s original curse. There was a lot of build up to this “winter finale,” so my expectations were fairly high.

After realizing that Pan and Henry did a body swap, the group devises a plan for Rumplestiltskin to stop his father. They go in search of the Black Fairy’s wand; the one thing that may be powerful enough to defeat Pan. In the process, they destroy Pan’s shadow and bring the Blue Fairy back to life. It was kind of harsh and random that she died last week, so I am glad to see that she isn’t gone for good.

When Regina tries to reverse the spell, things don’t go according to plan and she passes out. Rumple finds himself seriously outsmarted by Pan. It’s always depressing to see Rumple revert back into his whimpering pre-Dark One self. Thankfully, Rumple finds his courage and goes after Pan. Rumple uses his dagger to kill Pan and seemingly himself. Is Rumple really gone? That would be a major blow to the show since he is one of the most compelling characters.

Regina discovers that to break the curse, Storybrooke will be destroyed and everyone will go back to where they are from. Everyone goes back to the Enchanted Forest except Emma and Henry. Not only will Regina lose her son, but Emma will lose Snow and Charming. Henry doesn’t seem all that broken up that he’s going to lose everyone. I freaking can’t stand his character. His mother is telling him that she’s never going to see him again and he can’t eek out a single tear.

The flashbacks were incongruous and awkward. I was very confused by the scene with Henry and Snow with the book. It was ill-conceived considering how much older Henry looks now compared to when Emma arrived in town. The Hook/Tinkerbell flashback was funny, but didn’t really fit with the theme of the episode. Hook has never spoken truer words than when he told Tinkerbell, “I can assure you I’m anything but a boy.” I enjoy flirty Hook and his fabulous lines like, “You should be helping me find my happy ending.” But, I don’t like the frequency with which he’s coming into contact with Tink. Let’s keep things straight – Hook is devoted to Emma. The Tink story also seemed to fizzle, so there could’ve been less focus on this.

Most of the episode, I had my fingers crossed that something would go awry and Henry would be trapped in Pan’s body. That didn’t happen. Such a bummer. The one bright moment in the otherwise dismal end was the moment shared by Hook and Emma. It’s clear that she has deep feelings for him, which means by the rules of fairy tales they’ll see each other again.

I’m interested to hear what others think of the destruction of Storybrooke. I guess it was a necessary tool for rebooting the story. By fast-forwarding a year, it may also reopen the possibility of Henry being left behind when Emma travels to the Enchanted Forest. I have to say that I hope Hook still has a chance with Emma even though his kiss didn’t bring back her memories.

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